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What is an escape room quest?

Escape Room Quest is a live-action game where you and your team are “trapped” in a room with a storyline and need to puzzle your way out before the time runs out, usually 60 minutes. Puzzles are meant to test your team’s wits and communications skills to work as a team and solve your way out in time. You get to be an explorer looking for The Holy Grail or a scientist trying to disarm a bomb, all while having a blast. You have to complete the quest and beat the clock in order to win.

Are your rooms private or do you get to play with strangers?

Our rooms are always private, no strangers just your team.

Can I leave the room during the game?

Yes, you can leave the room at anytime if you feel uncomfortable or just need a bathroom break.

Are your rooms kids-friendly? What are you age restrictions?

We welcome all of our patrons and don’t have an age restriction. However, kids below the age of 14 are required to be accompanied by an adult inside the room. Kids 14+ can play by themselves.

Can I host a party/celebration at Quest Factor?

Yes, of course! All of our locations have comfortable lounges with light refreshments where you can pass the time before and after the game. Our rooms hold 2-8 people, so if it’s a party of 8+, we’ll divide you into multiple groups and different rooms. Come and make your celebration unique and memorable!

Is there parking available?

Depending on location. Our University District location does not have a designated parking area, however there’s plenty of street parking around. Shoreline location has a free parking lot with plenty of spots for your entire group.

What’s your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 48 and more hours prior to your booking date, we’ll charge $20 cancellation fee. If you cancel 24 to 48 hours prior, we’ll charge $50 cancellation fee. We do not do cancellations within 24 hour period, however, you can always re-book for a different date without any fees.

What if I’m running late? What do I do?

We offer a 10 minute window for all your team members to show up in order to play the entire hour. If you show up after the 10 minute window, you’ll still be able to play but you will have less time to complete the tasks.

What are your locations?

We currently have two operating locations; University District is located at 4140 University Way NE; Shoreline is located at 1207 N 152nd St.

Do you offer mobile games? Can you come to my event location?

Yes! Our Seattle’s first EscapeTruck edition can pull up anywhere within the greater Seattle area. The games are constructed within our luxury 30’ climate controlled trailer and come straight to your doorstep. Click here for more info.

What if I can’t solve the puzzles? Do you offer help?

Yes, absolutely. We have designed a hint system to help you along the way. Plus, you can always address the game master with any questions and he/she will help guide the team.

What is escape room quest good for?

Escape Rooms are a great way to celebrate your birthday, host a corporate team-building event, and much more! It’s a unique and entertaining way to spend time with your friends/family and colleagues while improving your communications skills and having a ton of fun!

Do you have more photos of the rooms that I can look at?

There’s a reason we don’t have photos of the entire interior of our rooms. There might be clues and answers to the puzzles seen within the photos and we don’t want to give those away until you are inside the room.

What if I booked for X number of people, but more team members want to join?

You can pay for any additional member on the spot with a credit card. Each room holds 2-8 people. Depending on the day of the week, it will be $25-$30 per person.

Are your locations wheelchair accessible?

Not all of our locations are wheelchair accessible, unfortunately. Shoreline location is a YES, while University Location is not.