bank heist escape room
bank heist escape room
bank heist escape room
bank heist escape room

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Are you ready to transport inside a medieval castle and retrace the steps of the Knights of the Round Table to find the long lost treasure? Follow the clues left to you by the three original knights that found the Holy Grail and locate the relic within the hour. But beware! You are not alone in the castle and the ghost of Sir Bors roams the walls to protect the treasure. Only the purest of the heart will be triumphant and reach the Holy Grail. Can you prove to the bravest of the knights that you’re worth the treasure hidden within these walls? Ambience of the room and new generation puzzles will keep everyone immersed in the world of the Castle.

Take your family, friends, and co-workers on a live-action interactive adventure and for an hour put on a hat of a cryptologist, scientist, adventurers, and others to solve the mystery of each room before the clock runs out. All of our family-friendly rooms are built with interactive and cutting edge technologies to bring you the most entertaining and challenging puzzles. We work with Theme Experts to create the ambiance, stories, and puzzles that will keep you on your toes for the entire hour. It's perfect for friends/family parties and corporate events. Plus, when you book with us you book a PRIVATE ROOM experience without any strangers.

- This is private escape room, you play only with people on your team.
- Unfortunately we are not wheelchair accessible.

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