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What is Quest Factor quest?

Escape the Room in 60 minutes

Get locked in an escape room to become the hero of a real-life escape adventure! You and your team will have an hour to complete all the puzzles, solve the riddles, find hints and break out in an hour. There are many mysteries to uncover but do not get too carried away. To get away in time, you’ll have to conquer many challenges, so make sure to come with a team!

From 2 to 8 Players

You can play with friends, family, coworkers or your romantic partner – create your perfect team! If you’re in search of a platform for a team-building event, contact us to learn more on our business offers.

Trapped in the Room

Getting out in time won’t be easy. You’ll have 60 minutes to complete all the technical and logical puzzles that lead to a final clue. Sometimes, it’s the key to the exit door. But it may as well be a password to the bank safe, or the national treasure, or an escape enchantment you’ll need to perform to break away.

Real-Life Escape Adventures

Every escape room by Quest Factor is unlike the others, so make sure to visit them all! Solve puzzles and progress towards the final goal. The story is an essential part of every our escape quest, use it to your advantage! And don’t forget to ask for a hint if you get stuck: we will do our best to provide useful tips at critical points of the game.

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What We Offer

Quest Factor offers premium live-action escape rooms with state-of-the-art puzzles, compelling storylines and movielike ambience in the rooms. Look for three locations throughout the Greater Seattle area in U-District, Redmond and Shoreline

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  • Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Christine O.

      The three of us did the Da Vinci room and had a great time escaping this room! The facilities were immaculate, the service was terrific, and they spared no cost in designing and decorating the room. Unique and challenging puzzles kept us moving through the game. This was our first time with no limit to the number of hints. We only used two or three, but it really took some of the stress and frustration away and allowed us to just have fun. We booked another one at their other Seattle facility as soon as we finished because it was such a high quality experience - and the price was fair, too. Book it!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Kirill V.

      It was my first experience with escape rooms, and it was truly memorable! It started with professional, and attentive staff that helped our group throughout the quest room. We've hit a few dead ends and stalled in the room, but our game master was able to help us to navigate, and pushed us towards the right direction without giving away the puzzle. We did not solve it on time since it was a difficult room. However, the experience was great and we're looking forward to return, finish the room we started, and try a few more! I definitely recommend!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Ashley G.

      Great escape room! Our game master was great as providing true "hints" not just giving us answers. All of the puzzles will get you somewhere- no spending precious time on a puzzle that isn't part of the game. We did the Da Vinci room as a date night with just the two of us and our game master gave us an extra minute past time to complete to room.

    Awesome that you don't need to pay for all six spots to have the room to yourself- I don't know anyone who likes playing with strangers...

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Jackie M.

      First time here at Quest Factor after my rigorous evening workout and volunteering in Seattle. My quest master, Brendon, gave us a fantastic rundown and support during the escape room. My group ended up escaping, of course, because we are a group of intellects, except for our colleague Mary, who only held us back. Nonetheless, it was a perfect experience and would recommend to one of my many friends!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb MacKenna D.

      Da Vinci room was cool. Highly recommend for some wholesome & exciting fun with your friends or family. Our game master Brendon was the best!!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Mary G.

      Very fun! the room had a cool ambiance, lots of visual/audio stimuli. our quest master brendon was great, super friendly and informative.

  • Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Sabrina M.

      This was me and my friends first quest room, we decided to do this as we seen the sign outside. Luckily, they were able to take us in as walk ins!! Yay!! The guy was super helpful in getting us started and gave us the castle room. The clues were challenging, but definitely doable. Our group was able to get the goal with 10 seconds left! So exciting! The adrenaline rush made everything more on edge and was definitely one of our highlights of the trip. Highly recommend!!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Matthew C.

      This was my first escape room and I did it for my birthday party and had a BLAST! I am only 12 years old but I really like these kind of codes and I can tell that it is good for all ages. It was exactly how I imagined an escape room and the experience I had was exactly what I had hoped for. The puzzles were great, I did the castle. The person was not in the room with you but gave you a walkie talkie which I thought was really helpful. I did this with 5 others, but I had more people at my birthday party so we had to do two. My group finished in 56 minutes, 4 minutes to spare. However, the other group doing the Da Vinci room timed out, but the people were nice to us kids and let them finish, in 62 minutes. Best hour of my life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, especially if you like puzzle stuff. Don't give up, because everything starts falling into place. Nice staff. Least sketchy place in the U-District

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Kristina Y.

      Highlights: Fun, challenging, quality, and great customer service!
    Nine of us did the National Treasure Escape Room in Shoreline, WA for my husband's birthday. It was fantastic!! This was his and my first one and three of our friends who've done others said this one was better than the others. Very creative and well designed. High quality rooms and puzzles. Very thorough. We are excited to try the other Quest rooms in the seattle area!
    Also, the team was absolutely fantastic at communicating with me via email to set the reservation and Anastasia did a FANTASTIC job handling our large party at the time we arrived and the 3 other large groups that were coming and going at the same time. She knows her stuff, was very professional and fun!!
    We definitely recommend Quest Escape Rooms!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Nikki G.

      If you like escape rooms, then you HAVE to try quest. The rooms are the best I've found in the area and the bank heist room was definitely challenging. We had a lot of fun and saw puzzle formats I've never seen in other rooms. It was so fun!! We will definitely be back.

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Beata H.

      This is my 8th escape room around the country so I hope im able to make a few constructive suggestions and useful comparisons. We did the Castle which was pretty challenging (30+% success rate!) but the game master was generous with clues. We did have the same issue as another reviewer with the walkie talkie. It died on us about 35 minutes in. We were not able to get any clues when we have reached the final stages of the room! It must have taken close to 10 minutes before the game master realized we werent able to hear him. He gave us clues in person while swapping out the walkie, and gave us a small time extension so we were eventually able to reach the goal. My suggestion is, to have the clues typed out on a display or broadcast over a loudspeaker, because not every member in our team was able to hear the clues with the sound effects in the room.

    Other than that, the room itself was very well made (albeit a bit too dark at times to see). The problems we had to solve were creative, not just finding combinations to open locks over and over again. The room features mechanisms Ive never seen in other escape rooms. My friends who were escape room virgins all thought it was an exhilarating experience.

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Wendy L.

      We went for my son's 25th birthday, there were 4 of us and we did the Pirates of the Carribean room.  We loved the building itself, very cool with lots of fun things to entertain yourself with if you get there a little early.

    The theme was totally awesome and immersive, we were on a pirate ship!  The sound, the look, everything is very authentic and all-encompassing.

    The puzzles were good and fun and interesting. It took some thinking and trying to work through them.

    However, it would have been nice if you had to solve puzzle 1 before 2 etc. We did a few things "out of order" so that was a bit problematic.

    Also when you ask for clues, it should be a clue, not the solution.  We wanted a hint, not the whole answer, that felt like cheating.

    It was a fun night all and all and we would definitely come back and try the other rooms

  • Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Annie W.

      We've done five escape rooms at other places, and both of the rooms at this Quest Factor--Da Vinci and The Castle. We were really disappointed with the quality of the games and the quality of the puzzles. Da Vinci was the better of the two--more complex, and more functional. At the Castle, one of the key puzzles opened by accident--the trigger mechanism was "too sensitive" according to our host, so we didn't actually have to solve the puzzle (or have the fun of figuring it out). I thought the clues were overly simplistic. The rooms are really dark (maybe to make up for the sub-par decor?), so we have had to use our phones to be able to see well enough to put in the codes on several of the locks. Both rooms came with a big book of text that you have to spend time going through, which doesn't lend itself to working as a group (one person is sitting in low light trying to read off of seven pages for clues) and isn't particularly fun. Compared to the rooms we've done elsewhere, Quest's rooms are really small, with far fewer items to find and work with, far fewer puzzles (despite the same amount of time to solve), and the puzzles are far less inventive. Our group also found the ipad clues really annoying. They are listed "in order", so when you look at the ipad you get an immediate idea of how far you've made it through the room, and the exact steps you need to get there. It takes a lot of the fun out of it. We finished The Castle with 18 minutes left and didn't use any clues. We're no experts--we've never finished a non-Quest room with more than a few minutes to spare, and we've never finished without clues before. This room was just really easy, and pretty dull. We're also pretty sure the room didn't get properly reset--one of the keys was literally just hanging in plain sight when we entered the room. Da Vinci had better puzzles and was definitely better done than The Castle--all of the puzzles functioned as they were supposed to, at least! And some of them were more creative. Still, if you're looking for something that's stimulating and challenging, I'd save your $33 and go elsewhere.

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Goodie Foodie J H.

      The rooms at univeristy district are okay for beginners.

    Last year 2018, we started with the castle room for the very first time. Nate was the gamemaster and he was informative and helpful during the game.

    Castle Room had more lock and key puzzles when we played it last year. There were some unique puzzles but the mirrors were frustrating because we had to put them in a specific place to work.

    Da Vinci Room - In June 2018, the game master was a newbie so he did a poor job. (Maybe he has improved since then.) The compass part of the puzzle was most confusing, I was not sure where to stand. I didn't like this room as much as the castle although there were more unique puzzles compared to the Castle Room. Maybe because of the compass part of the game and the inexperienced game master.

    I would rank National treasure(or possible Thor), Pirates, Castle room, Mad scientist and Da Vinci would get my lowest rating.

    Update: After the feedback how bad the Da Vinci room was and how unskilled the gamemaster was, we got a free game. Thanks Quest Factor!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Isak S.

      This was the first escape room experience I ever had so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was an excellent time for me and my family.  The theme and atmosphere in the Da Vinci lab were cool, and the level of difficulty was just right for 3 people.  We finished with less than a minute to spare! We are going to try the Camelot room next.  Highly recommend!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Hannah Y.

      Love love love quest factor's escape rooms! I have gone to Shoreline and U District ones and i have always had a great experience. We chose to do The Castle which had a 3 star difficulty rating. I would say that it was still pretty tough for our group of 5 but we were able to finish this one right before time ran out NO HINTS!!! It was so much fun and a great activity for even larger groups of people of 8! We loved the experience and will be going to the redmond location to try the Bank Heist one!

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Luke A.

      We had a great experience. Brendan was very helpful to our eclectic group...including a nervous eleven year old and a toddler. The Castle was a blast. Cool setting, clues that made sense, and some great effects. Looking forward to trying another room.

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Hannah K.

      SO MUCH FUN! The puzzles are unique and you gotta be creative with your thinking! I recommend the Dracula room! Not scary but still challenging

    Quest Factor Escape Rooms

    thumb Christine O.

      The three of us did the Da Vinci room and had a great time escaping this room! The facilities were immaculate, the service was terrific, and they spared no cost in designing and decorating the room. Unique and challenging puzzles kept us moving through the game. This was our first time with no limit to the number of hints. We only used two or three, but it really took some of the stress and frustration away and allowed us to just have fun. We booked another one at their other Seattle facility as soon as we finished because it was such a high quality experience - and the price was fair, too. Book it!


Quest Factor Escape Rooms

Through our games everyone finds their strong sides — be it leadership skills, ability to solve mathematical puzzles, or a steady hand for those agility-oriented challenges, as long as it gets you a step closer to reaching the goal. And that is exactly the reason why Quest Factor games are not just booked for leisure time and birthday celebrations. They have also become a go-to among corporations to hold their team-building events to strengthen morale among their employees.

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