Team Building

Team Building

we prepare, RUN and AWORD

Quest Factor brings you a live-action team-building experience like no other. Each room follows a captivating story and is equipped with technologically advanced and challenging puzzles aiming to test your team’s communication and problem-solving skills. Trapped in a room and under the pressure of time, escape room challenge allows for each employee to shine in the areas they excel at, for natural leaders to emerge, and learn how to listen to each other as communication is key to solving the puzzles.


Through our games everyone finds their strong sides — be it leadership skills, ability to solve mathematical puzzles, or a steady hand for those agility-oriented challenges, as long as it gets you a step closer to reaching the goal. And that is exactly the reason why Quest Factor games are not just booked for leisure time and birthday celebrations. They have also become a go-to among corporations to hold their team-building events to strengthen morale among their employees.

– Amy Miles, Kaiser Permanente

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