Bank Heist: Mission Impossible

True action escape room in Redmond

Hi folks! Quest Factor Escape Room is preparing to launch brand new game called Bank Heist. In this game you will be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team attempts a heist and must escape in 60 minutes with precious diamond stone. Your recon team has just completed phase one of the heist. They have ensured the building is empty and gained access to the bank manager’s office, where the door to the vault awaits. They have assessed the situation and have reported that this particular vault is going to be difficult to compromise.  Your team must find hidden clues, tools and hints around the office which you will need to complete your job as safe cracker.

We worked hard for the past months to launch new location in Redmond and hope that you will enjoy new and existing games we have prepared for you. In later months we will launch Pirates, Thor, Dracula and many other games. Stay tuned!

December teams

Find and Seek Puzzle Rooms in Vancouver BC

Last week after playing almost every escape room in Vancouver we finally decided to visit “Find and Seek”. We played all games “THE MYSTERY AT THE MAJESTIC THEATRE” and “THE CURSE OF MADAM ZITA’S CURIOSITIES”. Both stories are interconnected and require time travel with mission to retrieve certain relics. The rooms are nicely decorated but most importantly we really enjoyed puzzles and game flow. Almost everything made sense, puzzles were logical and challenging enough. They did pretty good job making those games immersive and entertaining. Staff is great and whole company operated by the 4 owners. Their location is in the mall near Gastown town, not the most glamorous part of city, especially at night, other than that our experience was very good. So far we think its the best real life quest game in whole Vancouver.

Michelle C.

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We have done two escape rooms at this location. Excalibur and Da Vinci. Two different experiences for sure. My husband and I did the Excalibur all on our own and escaped with a lot of help from their clues and we loved the props and how the game progressed. It was super fun and we wanted to try another so we brought another friend of ours to do the Da Vinci and didn’t get it, unfortunately.

My only critique would be our guide was difficult to understand. We had the same gentleman and we guessed he was the owner and we felt as though he was in a hurry to get us in and out. We had good interactions with him the first time we did an escape room and the second time when we didn’t escape, looks like he didn’t make any effort to show us the rest of the room – which our guess was that he probably wanted us to come again and do the room so no details were given. Good business strategy I guess. We are thinking of doing a work trip to do one of these rooms since we all work at the UW so we’ll most likely be back.

Good location and challenging experience all around.

Jenny C.

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We’ve done around 50 escape rooms around the US and Australia, and this was by far one of our favorite establishments. We first did the Da Vinci room and was so happy with our experience, we decided to immediately sign up to do the Castle room right after we finished.

1. The quality of the props, decorations, lighting, ambience were AMAZING. You could tell that a lot of love was put into each room. It felt like you were on a movie set, and was in no way cheap or cheesy. The production value of these rooms was one of the best we’ve ever seen.

2. The puzzles were well thought out and challenging without being too difficult. It was so rewarding to solve these puzzles – we were all so impressed by the secret surprises and technical gadgets.

3. The service was amazing! The game master (can’t remember his name but was a young man with light brown hair that I think was a student around the area?) was incredibly friendly. He kept an eye on us and offered clues whenever we seemed stuck. He used the intercom to give us hints and it was incredibly helpful to have him there and comforting to have someone remind us of our time. Also he was super cool for setting up the second room for us quickly when we decided to do it last minute.

We’ve done a few escape rooms in the Seattle area now, and I would definitely put these two rooms at the top of the list. Will be back to do more in the future – National Treasure apparently just opened up in shoreline!


Red Bull – Mind Gamers 2017 Budapest

Mission: Unlock Enoch is a global mind gaming tournament that combines online challenges with offline real-world events.

Players will need to prove their mind skills in a single-player online game in order to qualify for one of Red Bull Mind Gamers real-life qualifications, however, for those without a local qualifier in their area, an Online Wildcard Qualifier will invite the top four global players with the highest scores to the Escape Room World Finals in Budapest. The task of the challenge is to unlock a mysterious quantum computer called Enoch, that references the sci-fi movie DxM.

Players can qualify online for the Live Seattle Qualifier or the Online Wildcard Qualifier by visiting

Red Bull Mind Gamers is a global project that offers thought-provoking challenges of the mind. The aim of the project is to be the hub for people searching for challenges of the mind and bring together mind gamers of all levels, from puzzle solvers to Sudoku players, from scavenger hunters to casual gamers, to explore and experience mind games developed by the biggest brains in the industry.

To learn more about Red Bull Mind Gamers or Mission: Unlock Enoch check out

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