– “New Quest Factor escape rooms open in Redmond”

New Quest Factor escape rooms open in Redmond

Escape rooms have been growing in popularity in recent years and a new business in Redmond is putting a twist on the classic formula.

The live-action games involve a group of people stuck in a room who must solve puzzles to escape or achieve an objective, but Quest Factor reversed the process.

Owner George Albantov opened his third location in Redmond along with co-owner Sergey Fahreev, which focuses on groups trying to break into an objective.

“I thought, you know what, this is a great way to create your own mini game, but in real life,” Albantov said.

The Redmond location will ultimately house six scenarios, but two bank heist and pirate-themed rooms will be open to the public in coming weeks.

The bank-heist scenario places players in the exterior of a vault where they must solve problems using clues provided to get into a vault.

From there, they have to avoid green lasers shooting across the room that set off an alarm and solve additional problems to get into the bank deposit boxes.

In the pirate scenario, players must find a way to get into the captain’s chambers.

Quest Factor will join only a handful of similar businesses in the area that offer a similar challenge.

Albantov said their first Quest Factor location was launched in 2016 in the University District of Seattle with a goal of catering to teens and young adults.

“Our goal was to gear our rooms towards the younger generation,” Albantov said.

The pair quickly found it was popular with a wide variety of people and decided to start a second location in Shoreline later that year.

In order to complete the challenge, teams must solve riddles, technical puzzles and exercise communication skills while paying attention to tiny details and clues scattered around the room.

Albantov said it also became popular with corporations and businesses as a way to built teamwork skills with employees.

This was part of what factored into the duo’s decision to locate in Redmond near Microsoft and other tech industry giants.

The location in north Redmond incorporates a common area full of tables that will facilitate activities like catering and presentations.

“Not just basically coming for the game, but we want to have a full experience,” Albantov said.

The games at the Redmond location will generally be of medium difficulty, which can be adjusted depending on the players.

Especially for children, more clues can be given, Albantov said.

Albantov is a former software engineer for Disney and said he played a few escape rooms in Europe before landing in Seattle.

The relative lack of the rooms came as a surprise, so he and Fahreev decided to start creating their own.

Every aspect of the experience is created deliberately, and players must work their way through the puzzles in a variety of ways designed by the creators.

Even as virtual-reality video games grow in popularity, Albantov said they still don’t compare to the tactile experience provided by an escape room.

Each room takes around four months to create and future rooms in Redmond could include Norwegian mythology, aliens and wizards.

Quest Factor is located at 14700 N.E. 95th St., unit 210.


Playing at Quest Factor means more than just entertainment

Did you know that by playing at Quest Factor, you are also contributing to our campaign to help kids get early access to speech therapy? We are adamant believers in helping our neighbors.  Thus, we partnered with Early Life Speech and Language to ease access for kids between 2-7 years of age for speech therapy. We donate a percentage of sales to ELSL from every ticket sold. It goes toward helping kids who may be struggling with speech development.

Goals aligned

What we aim to do at Quest Factor is not just provide an amazing entertainment experience. We also work to foster teamwork and communication skills among players via the interactive game environment. When we first heard about ELSL and learned about their mission to help kids learn to communicate by developing strong language skills, we felt like their mission aligned with ours.

“Access to speech therapy enhances children’s lives; giving them the confidence they need to excel academically and socially,” said Angelique Leone, Executive Director of ELSL. “Children once unable to communicate are now able to express themselves at home, in school and in other social settings they would have previously avoided.”

We’re proud to support ELSL and their mission. We ‘thank you,’ Quest Factor players, for helping us make this happen.

Quest Factor featured in Seattle Times!

Have you ever wondered how escape rooms come to life? Check out the article at Seattle Times below where Quest Factor founders share their expertise.  They also offer sneak peaks of what goes on behind the scenes of an escape room!

Everything from idea inception to development and construction!

What’s it like creating an escape room?

“For escape-room creators, it really is a realization of our own childhood fantasies,” says George Albantov, who’s been operating Quest Factor since 2016. “Ideas can be inspired by movies we’ve seen, novels read, history and much more. You just let your imagination go and create a story and decorations that would transport your audience into the world that you wanted to portray.”

Follow the link to read more! – 


Sneak Peek: Mad Scientist Escape Room

We’ve been working on so many new exciting escape rooms for our fans and we wanted to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes! Mad  Scientist is opening in the next couple of weeks at our Shoreline location.  Some of you may have already played the game when it was located inside a trailer. But we’ve decided to expand and improve it.

It now stretches across three rooms with latest generation puzzles and high quality life-like decorations.

What’s the room about? 

Mad Professor Manifesto is furious at the world as his invention gets him ridiculed within the science community and fired. He hides the same nuclear reactor that was supposed to rid the planet of dirty sources of energy to the center of Light City to destroy it. Now it’s up to your team to save the city from destruction. You’ll have 60 minutes to disengage the reactor core.

Do you have what it takes to be the hero and save Light City from Professor Manifesto’s evil plan?

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks coming up soon! We have a lot in store for you!

Check out what happens during the construction of Mad Scientist

Quest Factor Escape Rooms unveils new location in Redmond

Quest Factor Escape Rooms unveils new location in Redmond and two new live-action interactive escape room quests, Mission Impossible: Bank Heist and Pirates of the Caribbean!

Company introduces state-of-the-art puzzles combined with captivating storylines and a movie-like ambience of the room.

Seattle, WA., January 26, 2017 – Quest Factor (, one of the biggest live-action, escape room games in the Greater Seattle area, is launching its third location in Redmond with two new quests, Bank Heist and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Quests are a subgenre of the wildly popular and booming entertainment escape-the-room games. They are hands-on, mind-bending, thrilling live-action games that “lock” a team of friends/family/co-workers in a themed-room and require them to successfully complete the challenge within a one hour limit by solving puzzles and following the storyline rather than to simply unlock the door.

Quest Factor founders pride themselves in bringing escape-the-room enthusiasts not one, but two new quests that not only immerse you completely into its story but are also equipped with professional sound and latest technologically advanced puzzles including Artificial Intelligence.

“Each project we do ourselves, so that every room is custom build to fit the storyline of the game,” said George Albantov, co-founder of Quest Factor. “We pay a lot of attention to detail and our customers know and appreciate that quality of work. This is the most rewarding for us – seeing smiles on every face after they’ve played our games. It’s priceless.”

Escape the mundane: The Origins of Quest Factor

The idea for Quest Factor was born between two friends back in October of 2015 and in just 10 months, on July 4th, 2016 they opened the doors to its first escape room, The Castle. Their second room followed shortly after and launched in March of 2017, Da Vinci.

Since then, the company has hosted over 10,000 players.

“This idea came to me in the fall of 2015 after I went to visit my friends in Moscow, Russia,” said Albantov. “I really liked the concept of puzzle solving, teamwork, and the amount of fun you have while playing the game. In a month, I talked with my friend Sergey [Fahreev] and we decided to build something really unique in Seattle. That’s how our first project in U-district started. Since then, we build 2 locations and so excited to have opened the 3rd one this winter.”

At Quest Factor, the team focuses on creating an unforgettable immersive experience and making sure that everybody has fun at their games. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated with life-like props that won’t make you question your whereabouts as you’re running against the time. Puzzles range in their nature and difficulty level allowing for all types of brains to actively participate and use their wits and communication to “escape” in time.

Plus, all games booked at Quest Factor are absolutely private. It’s just you, your team and no strangers.

The roots of all things: Origins of Escape-the-Room Games

Based on computer game of the same idea, the exact origins of a live-action escape-the-room game are unknown. They were introduced around the same time in the late 2000s both in Asia and Europe and quickly spread all over the world.

Imagine, you’re locked in a room with your teammates and a storyline that you need to follow to complete your quests. You take on the role of the main characters of the story and follow the clues to reach your objective. It can be anything from hunting after the Holy Grail or disarming a nuclear bomb that’s about to destroy the city. You have one hour to solve all the puzzles at hand and complete the challenge.


Usually, the event lasts about 90 minutes with 15 minutes of introductions, 60 minutes of game time, and 15 minutes walking through solutions. A hint system is established to help those struggling to “escape” or complete the challenge.

Looking beyond: Quest Factor Expands East Side

As the trend to spend a birthday, family-reunion, or a corporate team-building event at an escape-the-room game continues to grow, so does Quest Factor. The company expands to the East Side and its third location in Redmond opened its doors in 2018.

The new location will feature up to 6 escape-the-room and quest games. The main focus will be to host bigger events such as corporate parties, team-building, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Trapped in a room and under the pressure of time, escape room challenge allows for each employee to shine in the areas they excel at, for natural leaders to emerge, and learn how to listen to each other as communication is key to solving the puzzles.

Quest Factor Escape Rooms- About Us


Welcome to Quest Factor blog!

We wanted to formally introduce ourselves and let you know more about us. At Quest Factor, we offer premium live-action escape the room games with state of the art puzzles, compelling story lines, and movie-like ambiance of our rooms. With now three locations throughout the greater Seattle area, we have half a dozen escape rooms for you to dive into.

What sets us apart:

When we build our rooms, we take it beyond just “escaping the room within 60 minutes.” We create quests. Quests are hands-on, mind-bending, thrilling live-action games  that require you to successfully complete the challenge within the time limit by solving puzzles and following the story line. At Quest Factor, you’ll be stealing the Declaration of Independence, looking for the Holy Grail, robbing banks, and much more! 

Quest Factor founders pride themselves in bringing escape the room enthusiasts even more rooms this year. 

“Each project we do ourselves, so that each room is custom-built to fit the story line of the game,” said George Albantov, co-founder of Quest Factor. “We pay a lot of attention to detail and our customers know and appreciate that quality of work. This is the most rewarding for us – seeing smiles on every face after they’ve played our games. It’s priceless.”

Fun that’s hard to escape 😉

Escape the room games are the hottest trend in entertainment industry right now.  You get to spend a great bonding time with your friends/family, hosting a team-building event, and any other special occasion. Once the door’s locked behind you, you and your team have one hour to unravel the mystery of each story and puzzle your way through to “escape.”

It takes all kinds of creativity, mathematical skills, wits, and communication to solve the puzzles before the clocks runs out. So, even if you’re new to the scene or an experienced escape the room gamer, be prepared to be challenged and entertained.

On this page,  you’ll find out the latest about our newest escape rooms, franchise updates, game recaps, and much more.

Stay tuned!

To learn more about available games and/or book your experience, click here!

Bank Heist: Mission Impossible

True action escape room in Redmond

Hi folks! Quest Factor Escape Room is preparing to launch brand new game called Bank Heist. In this game you will be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team attempts a heist and must escape in 60 minutes with precious diamond stone. Your recon team has just completed phase one of the heist. They have ensured the building is empty and gained access to the bank manager’s office, where the door to the vault awaits. They have assessed the situation and have reported that this particular vault is going to be difficult to compromise.  Your team must find hidden clues, tools and hints around the office which you will need to complete your job as safe cracker.

We worked hard for the past months to launch new location in Redmond and hope that you will enjoy new and existing games we have prepared for you. In later months we will launch Pirates, Thor, Dracula and many other games. Stay tuned!

Find and Seek Puzzle Rooms in Vancouver BC

Last week after playing almost every escape room in Vancouver we finally decided to visit “Find and Seek”. We played all games “THE MYSTERY AT THE MAJESTIC THEATRE” and “THE CURSE OF MADAM ZITA’S CURIOSITIES”. Both stories are interconnected and require time travel with mission to retrieve certain relics. The rooms are nicely decorated but most importantly we really enjoyed puzzles and game flow. Almost everything made sense, puzzles were logical and challenging enough. They did pretty good job making those games immersive and entertaining. Staff is great and whole company operated by the 4 owners. Their location is in the mall near Gastown town, not the most glamorous part of city, especially at night, other than that our experience was very good. So far we think its the best real life quest game in whole Vancouver.

Michelle C.

Read Michelle C.‘s review of Quest Factor Real Escape Room on Yelp

We have done two escape rooms at this location. Excalibur and Da Vinci. Two different experiences for sure. My husband and I did the Excalibur all on our own and escaped with a lot of help from their clues and we loved the props and how the game progressed. It was super fun and we wanted to try another so we brought another friend of ours to do the Da Vinci and didn’t get it, unfortunately.

My only critique would be our guide was difficult to understand. We had the same gentleman and we guessed he was the owner and we felt as though he was in a hurry to get us in and out. We had good interactions with him the first time we did an escape room and the second time when we didn’t escape, looks like he didn’t make any effort to show us the rest of the room – which our guess was that he probably wanted us to come again and do the room so no details were given. Good business strategy I guess. We are thinking of doing a work trip to do one of these rooms since we all work at the UW so we’ll most likely be back.

Good location and challenging experience all around.

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