Private Events

Private Events

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If you have been wondering what is the best, most unique way to celebrate your bridal shower, promotion or bar mitzvah – look no further! The team of Quest Factor will gladly take your worries about any big party away and help you organize the best day ever. The unique designs of our rooms, puzzles, and riddles are enough to mesmerize even the most wondering of minds. We are absolutely sure, we can win over any heart and mind, no matter the age and preferences!

Choose a story you would like to follow: pirates, astronauts, a bank heist or just work with us on planning the whole day full of fun activities. Add to that a little bit of chill time and you will have a cool way to bring the gang together through solving puzzles or celebrating somebody’s special day with an adventure of their own. You might not yet be acquainted with escape room adventures, but we will make your time here worth while and introduce you to all of the possibiloities a great game has to offer. Having fun – does not require experience!

Our professional team of event-planners and game producers will cater to all of your needs.  Through the whole day, you will feel taken care of. Our guests are the most important part of our business, so we are ready to make all of your party wishes come true. And after your games, you can chill and have some cake and beverages in our private art room or lounge.  Don’t be shy and contact us to start planning your event. Let us help you make the best out of your special occasion.

Our offices are conviniently located throughout the Greater Seattle area and in Redmond.

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