Adventures With Electronics

Adventures With Electronics

9-12 +

Have fun learning the fundamental skills and safety knowledge you need to jump into your own creative electronic projects!

The world of electronic design is full of exciting possibilities. Join us to learn the basics you need to feel enthusiastic and unafraid to start designing your own electronic projects! At Quest Factor Escape Rooms, we love building electronic puzzles that challenge and delight our guests. We want every student to enjoy the thrill of bringing their imagination to life by designing and building their very own electronic puzzle to entertain their friends and family! In this class we’ll focus on working together to truly understand the fundamentals of electric circuits. Safety and respect will be top priorities in our classroom! We are excited for each student to feel empowered to develop their own unique ideas and turn them into a fabulous final project.

Our classes will teach basic circuit theory through in-person interactive games, giving each student the opportunity to participate and to have fun!

Each class will build on the week before, preparing students for the final project: building an electronic puzzle, just like you would find in a real-life escape room!

  • Redmond WA 98052,14700 NE 95th ST #210
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