511 Boren Ave N, Seattle

Space War

from $35 per person
Student discount $5
75 min
3 - 6
Space War

The greatest space villain is planning to destroy your home planet! In just over an hour the space station will reach the necessary point and the weapon will be ready to fire a volley! Meanwhile, you got inside the space station to thwart the villain’s scheme. Release the prisoner with amazing abilities and save millions of innocent lives together! Hurry up, and may the strength be with you.

Age restrictions: at least 8 years old with minimum of 2 adults supervising the team. Both adults can play for free as chaperones. Comfortable casual clothes and footwear are recommended for this quest. This game contains physical activity.

Be aware, this is not a usual escape game. It will exercise your reaction, memory and some physical abilities! Don't be frustrated it is VERY challenging but still FUN!
- Alex Robbins, Escape Guru

  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
  • Space
  • Wi-Fi
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Party Space
  • Free Parking after 4pm and weekends at Obidos/Rufus Garage
  • Bookings by appointment only
  • 511 Boren Ave N, Suite B, Seattle WA 98109
  • +1 (800) 653-1953
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