Best Quick Team Building Activities

Developing the skill of constructive collaboration is incredibly important to building a well-coordinated and cohesive team that achieves meaningful results in every task. Teamwork, striving to achieve a common goal, actions aimed at a positive result for the whole crew – these are necessary for the overall success of the group. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 4 best quick team building activities to help you and your crew boost teambuilding skills.

A friendly, close-knit and effective team is the hallmark of constantly developing progress in a crew. But how do you keep all members close to each other, active and adventurous?

Quick team building activities boost level of loyalty in a crew and the overall performance of members. So we present a list of 4 best quick teambuilding activities!

True / False

True or False popular quick team building activities

20+ minutes

5+ players

This game will not only help you get to know each other and find similar interests between participants, but will also provide you lots of fun.

The rules of the quick team building activity are as follows: participants are divided into teams, and one of them writes on pieces of paper as many personal facts or details as there are players in total. These sheets are placed in a hat and each player pulls one at random to guess true / false. Then the player reveals the intrigue and calculates which team was the most insightful.

Show & Tell

Show and Tell very funny game

25+ minutes

4+ players

Goal of this quick team building activity – to become a more cohesive crew. Show & Tell can be conducted both online and offline, and in addition to teambuilding, it’s also aimed at building speaking skills.

Each participant must bring one crucial thing / item that characterizes him or her as a person and tell about it: how it was received and why it’s so important. Thus, group members can learn more about each other’s values ​​and characteristics, becoming closer.

The Minefield

The Minefield one of the best trust games

30+ minutes

4+ players

The Minefield is a fun and active pastime that allows team members to improve their interpersonal relationships and build team spirit.

You’ll need some inventory: empty bottles, balls – in general, everything that can be used as an obstacle. Find an empty area (parking, square) and place items so that a “minefield” emerges. Couples do the following – one must walk blindfolded along the route, the other must guide aloud. Winners are those who passed the “minefield” best.

Quest Factor

Quest Factor best quick team building activities

1 hour

2-6 players

Quest Factor is quick team building activities that’ll not only give you a great pastime, but also allow effectively establishing communication in a team and increasing level of group responsibility. Thanks to quests, participants are able to assess the potential of teamwork, identify leaders and find out their leadership potential.

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