Top 10 Seattle Team Building Events according to Quest Factor

Team building activities in Seattle are one of the most popular searches. You ask “Why?”, and we will be happy to answer that team building is the most important driver of business. Collaboration always leads to success and there is no need to forget about it.

In this article, we want to help understand issues related to teamwork and tell you where to go better to spend time for the benefit of the team.

First, you need to figure out what teambuilding events you want to visit and what result you hope to get from your team. Perhaps you just want to have fun and relax, or want to get to know your employees and help them interact better with each other. Any goal can be realized, the main thing is to choose the right event for team building.

Are you ready to find out where to go to raise team spirit? Especially for you, we have prepared a list of the best events in Seattle for teams. Enjoy reading!

10 of the best team building activities in Seattle

  1. The Chocolate Challenge

This is one of the most edible and mouth-watering team-building activities. The main goal is to build a bridge of chocolate. Each team must design and make a chocolate bridge in due time. What could be better than teamwork and chocolate?! This is a very nice way to relax and have fun. Most importantly, your team’s performance will continue to grow even after the last piece of chocolate eaten.

Number of participants: 8 – 500 people.

Duration of the event: 2-3 hours.

  1. Beatswork

Music works wonders! If you want to feel like a member of a drum group, this Seattle team building activities is perfect for you. All Beatswork members become one large musical group, where everyone plays a role at a specific time and signal. At this event, you will learn to feel the language of music, and you will choose with your colleagues the ideal rhythm that will create comfort for everyone. Soundproof halls will allow to realize the most daring musical fantasies.

Number of participants: 15 – 250 people.

Duration of the event: 2-3 hours.

  1. City Build

Do you think it’s impossible to build your own city? You are mistaken with the team building activities from City Build it became real. You and your team need to design and create a gigantic city from small houses and shops to skyscrapers, made from ordinary everyday materials. This will not be an easy task, as participants must apply joint skills to develop strategies, use a creative approach and be able to manage projects. After such a test, your team will be strong.

Number of participants: 20 – 200 people.

Duration of the event: 2-3 hours.

  1. Dining In The Dark

What could be better than a delicious lunch or dinner in good company and with great music? Only if all this takes place with my eyes closed. Yes, you heard right, the Dining In The Dark event will allow you to hold the most unforgettable team building in Seattle. You have to try delicious dishes, in spite of them. This is really a difficult test, because you have to completely trust your colleagues, who together with you will guess what kind of dishes you eat. In this event, you will focus not only on food, but also on each other and will learn to trust your colleagues. Do not be afraid, the food and music are amazing there!

Number of participants: 8 – 70 people.

Duration of the event: 2.5-3 hours.

  1. Quest Factor Escape Room

If you want to feel like a hero of your beloved universe, try to rob a bank or save the world from a mad scientist, then the Seattle escape rooms are what you need.

Your team may have different tasks, for example, to steal a picture, hide from a maniac, solve complex puzzles, but they all are aimed at one thing – to unite and rally your team. Escape rooms are simply created for team building, as they help you to get to know each other in difficult situations, because you have to solve puzzles in a certain amount of time (usually 60 minutes). At Quest Factor, we have created all the conditions for a productive team building activities in Seattle.

Number of participants: 2 – 25 people.

Duration of the event: 1-2 hours.

  1. WhirlyBall

WhirlyBall is a unique sport designed specifically for team building in Seattle. It combines lacrosse and bumper cars. Each player will have his own machine to drive around the site and catch balls with scoops to throw them into the opponent’s goal. Such a game will help to form work in a team, because only by working together you will be able to win.

Number of participants: 1 – 80 people.

Duration of the event: 1.5-2.5 hours.

  1. Roam Consulting

If you love animals, then the next Seattle teambuilding event is definitely your day. Roam Consulting is one of the most incredible ideas for collaboration. You and your team have to interact with horses so you can improve your non-verbal communication skills. You can also understand how others perceive you as a leader, because the acquired skills there are suitable not only for the correct influence on horses, but also for the surprise of people. The «Leadership with Horses» program is a great way to relax and work as a team.

Number of participants: from 1 person.

Duration of the event: from 2 hours.

  1. Museum of Flight

For a new experience, we recommend that you try out the Museum of Flight team building activity in Seattle. This is a place where you and your team can work on simulating space flight. You have 2 hours to solve all the problems associated with navigating the flight of the stars, to make a smooth landing on the moon or Mars and other issues related to space flights.

Number of participants: 16-32 people.

Duration of the event: 2 hours.

  1. Go Green Racing

As part of the Go Green Racing charity program, you and your team will create solar-powered cars from the materials provided. When caring for nature, do not forget that this is also a race! Within 2.5 hours, you will make a typewriter, and then arrange exciting races for the right to be the most environmentally friendly and fastest typewriter. This event was created for team building and will teach you not only how to work together, but also remind you of the importance of alternative sources and concern for the environment.

Number of participants: 18-400 people.

Duration of the event: 2-2.5 hours.

  1. TeamProv

The final activity for team building in Seattle will be TeamProv. This is a corporate seminar that will teach you such basic skills as: trust, concentration, concentration, attend and live in the present tense, learn to listen to your interlocutor. This is not taught to the MBA program, and in vain! TeamProv brings people together because it teaches them new knowledge, asks to be as open and honest as possible for themselves and those around them, and also teach them to laugh a lot.

Number of participants: 12-100 people.

Duration of the event: 1-3 hours.


Our selection of the top 10 team-building activities in Seattle has ended. We hope that we were able to answer your request and advise on the best event. And most importantly, remember, we are looking forward to seeing you in the Quest Factor Escape rooms in Seattle.

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