Virtual Team Building Activities to Bring Your Team Together

Virtual team building is online actions, used to strengthen the team. It’s built to encourage the team to actively collaborate and effectively solve tasks.

One of the best tools for building a supportive and powerful team, virtual team building increases interpersonal trust of participants. So how can you rally your team?

Virtual Team Building Activities

Movie Night

Movie Night is one of the best virtual team building activities

What better way to unite than a movie night in cozy home environment? Arrange a vote to prepare selection of films, make a group call, and stream selected films to your members. Discuss ongoing actions in chats, share the impressions, rate, and plan next Movie Night!


Guess Who?

Guess Who is very interesting virtual team building

Excellent game for rallying team members. Each one lists 10 individual facts and gives this information to facilitator. Then coordinator invites other members to guess who owns these or those facts. This playful acquaintance is usually fun and interesting, which allows participants to get really closer.


Book Club

Book Club will help unite the team

Team members are given the task of writing a list of 5 their favorite books, and then briefly describing them in a group call. All participants are invited to select most interesting books of their fellows and read them. Later on, once every few weeks, team gather online again and share experiences and impressions of what they read.


Desert Island

Desert Island is very fun and important game for team building

In this activity, participants have to virtually try to survive on a desert island. Facilitator divides them into two groups and gives each a task – to choose only 3 things from the list. It contains wide variety of survival essentials: knife, rope, kerosene, sleeping bag, flashlight, seeds, and so on. Something can be added or removed at your discretion. After the set time has passed, groups share their adventuring story. Best surviving experience wins.


Virtual team building awakens positive emotions, generates sense of responsibility and involvement in general object. These activities contribute to formation of team spirit and perfectly strengthen team skills, but still not as ideal as live game events.

When participants have opportunity to go live, quest rooms are excellent alternative to virtual reality. Being a kind of intellectual recreation, quests are the best suited for team building purposes. Setting overall aim, distributing roles, making a collective contribution to solving problems are the most powerful tools.

Quest Factor is the best place for team building

Quests are an opportunity to go through a small adventure. Each escape room in Seattle is unique, so participants have a special emotional experience each time. Become cohesive with the Quest Factor!