Why Do Escape Rooms Go Well with Tickets

Tickets to an escape room are still considered a great birthday gift, so why even bother resisting? Try selling some tickets, gift certificates and vouchers, and see how your business rocks up!

If you’re organizing an escape room, it may be tempting to just skip the ticket part. What’s the use in tickets anyway? When people enter an escape room, they mostly do it because they made a reservation, so it’s not like they need a special piece of paper to hold onto until the day of event. Many players prefer to pay for the game online if the option is available, so even if they do get a ticket, it’ll be electronic – so it’s basically like online registration. Therefore, the tickets are completely unnecessary, right?

Wrong. The statistics show that escape room studios holding up to the concept of tickets tend to sell more and get more predictable income than the studios that rely heavily on booking and tend to ignore the concept of tickets altogether. Let’s look through all the cases where tickets are useful and find out how to introduce them to an escape room without looking archaic and annoying the customers with unnecessary check-ups.

Escape Room Tickets Make the Best Gift Certificates

People say that the best gift anyone could give is a new experience. In this case, escape room tickets with an open day are perfect, because they provide the kind of challenges and emotion bursts one can’t easily access in their regular daily lives.

Allowing gift certificates has many advantages:

  • people buy tickets more often, even if they’re not planning to participate immediately;
  • your loyal supporters have more opportunities to introduce your escape room to relatives and friends;
  • you can make gift certificates the main prize in a local competition or a Facebook repost-based giveaway (incredibly cheap and effective promotion);
  • the income is less based on big holidays and overall more stable.

It’s up to you to decide whether the gift certificate has an expiring date. People mostly prefer to have an opportunity to use the ticket whenever they feel like it, but if you’re afraid of exploitation, feel free to set the limit to a full calendar year.

Pre-sales on Big Dates and Special Events

If you’re leading an escape room, that makes you a local entertainer. There’s no need to bind the business with a direct and predictable schedule. Make sure to set up competitions for the best escape teams in the city, hold promotional events and seasonal escape games with gifts and surprises.

The interest in your escape room will be more intense, so it’s only fair to introduce the ticket system for this period. Let people buy out tickets to become part of your tournaments and special events: where is deficit, there’s always a desire for more. Just do not make it a regular rule, or the players will get tired and your popularity will return right to where it was, or even get a bit lower.