True action escape room in Redmond

Hi folks! Quest Factor Escape Room is preparing to launch brand new game called Bank Heist. In this game you will be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you and your team attempts a heist and must escape in 60 minutes with precious diamond stone. Your recon team has just completed phase one of the heist. They have ensured the building is empty and gained access to the bank manager’s office, where the door to the vault awaits. They have assessed the situation and have reported that this particular vault is going to be difficult to compromise. Your team must find hidden clues, tools and hints around the office which you will need to complete your job as safe cracker.

We worked hard for the past months to launch new location in Redmond and hope that you will enjoy new and existing games we have prepared for you. In later months we will launch Pirates, Thor, Dracula and many other games. Stay tuned!