How to Get the Best out of Your Family Weekend in Mountain View

If you’re living in Mountain View, the chances are you don’t visit escape rooms very often. There are not so many escape room studios, but if you’re really into timed escaped quests, there’ll be lots for you to discover.

Living in a small town like Mountain View has its perks. You do not suffer from traffic jams, the ecology is better, and the place just isn’t as crowded as those big cities everyone seems to be so obsessed about. When it comes to entertainment, there are some limitations, but still Mountain View escape rooms can provide you a fun Friday night, especially if you and your buddies are really into quick thinking and jump scares.

Beautiful view on the Mountain View city.

Are There Any Escape Rooms in Mountain View?

Because Mountain View is not famous for its escape rooms, some residents even don’t know they have those. However, the citizens have an opportunity to visit escape rooms without leaving the town. There are some great escapists teams from Mountain View, but these players prefer to participate in quests outside of the home town. Here are some reasons why:

  • The demand for variety. Every experienced escaper knows this feeling. Once you’re done with an escape room, you want something entirely new. In a small city like Mountain View, there are just not so many opportunities for the constant changes in room designs and layouts.
  • Willingness to solve difficult puzzles. Another thing about escape rooms in small towns is that they need to appeal to the average audience. The number of people is not enough to maintain different escape rooms for experienced players, newbies and kids. This means people who are willing to put time in their hobby have to find the challenge they are urging for elsewhere.
  • The desire to try different themes. Small studio cannot cover all genres: they just can’t afford having a detective escape room, a horror quest, an escape adventure for kids and a historical puzzle at the same time. Traveling away from the home town helps to find the perfect adventure for everyone.

Quest Factor escape rooms are for every player from any part of the country. We’ll be more than happy to satisfy all your needs for a high quality team escape adventure!