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Quest Factor in Redmond has quite a few locations, and we continuously end up in the top 3 of local escape room ratings. We are happy to work and create in Redmond, and we just so happen to know that some of our devoted fans even come from other areas to visit Quest Factor in Redmond WA”. This might have something to do with the fact that we are solid with our “unique quest” policy: as for now, there’s only a single escape room for every scenario. This means that some of our most popular quests are only available in Redmond.

Here you can find more information about our local escape rooms, age and experience recommendations, as well as individual comments on the quests.

Thor Escape Quest

You don’t have to be a big Avengers fan to love Thor escape room, as it’s based not on the famous movie and comic series, but Germanic mythology. As the main heroes of the story, you’ll have to outsmart the crazy and egoistic trickster god Loki who took away Thor’s blessed weapon in an attempt to make him lose to the reckless giants without a fight. Of course, Thor didn’t hesitate to battle barehanded, but he’ll only be able to hold for an hour more. Come to the City of Gods and find Thor’s hammer or innocent people will suffer!

This is one of our most complicated escape rooms in Redmond. You might need at least a little experience with escape quests, or it’ll be hard for your team to proceed.

Escape Dracula’s Crypt

You couldn’t pass on a chance of exploring an ancient crypt – and now you’re locked in! It doesn’t help that only an hour is left till midnight, and the mysterious noises you keep hearing make you understand that your team might have awakened a cruel vampire.

If you’re looking for a classic cinematographic escape room with immersive playing style, then we strongly recommend Dracula. Its puzzles often have natural solutions so that the quest will be fun both for new and experienced players.

Perform a Bank Heist

Put yourself in the shoes of the most daring and successful criminals in history – and get the cash out of the bank! You’ll have to trick the security system, find a way to crack open the vault and plan the time for retreating if something goes wrong!

This is one of the most realistic Quest Factor Redmond escape rooms. It makes use of a real-life cipher, security and lock mechanics, and you also have to be precise about how much money you carry away. If you’re too greedy, the whole team will get caught.

Pirates in the Caribbean

Your team was traveling peacefully through the sea until you were caught by the ruthless pirates who now want to use you as bait and then sell as slaves. Luckily they’re also lazy, so the moment the ship entered the port, the entire crew left. They’ll only be drinking for a while, so you have no more than an hour to find a way to go away from the ship. While you’re at it, why not get a hold of the pirates’ stolen treasure?

Pirates escape room is excellent for any occasion. Birthday party, family weekend, teambuilding session: name it. The quest is not too hard, so it’s perfect for beginners and young players. But you still need to keep track of time, or the pirates will return and capture you!

The trickiest part about escaping the pirate ship is outsmarting the captain. Maybe you can use the human factor to make him lazy and relaxed.