Escape Rooms Can Be Fun Even If They Are Not About Escaping

Have you ever been to Quest Room in Los Angeles? It’s a small escape adventure studio that takes pride in creating immersive adventure experience for the guests. Pick one of the two authentic quests, and dive into the story!

Escape rooms can feel more like a puzzle quests where you just have to solve all the riddles, or just like a real life adventure: it mostly depends of the creative approach. Quest Room is a small studio in Los Angeles that has only two themed rooms to offer for now, but even that makes customers happy, as the writers and designers managed to make the experience truly immersive.

So, what’s their secret and why even the players who’ve been to different escape rooms all over US praise the studio for unique approach?

Immersion Into Adventure With Quest Room

The noticeable change from the regular escape room routine is that the word “escape” is nowhere to be seen. Quest Room does indeed create adventures where you have to venture through complicated puzzles and finish the game in time in order to win. But they do not advertise as that, because it’s not the main point.

Do you remember it when computer games only picked up pace, and many fantasy games named like “King’s Quest” or something like that emerged? Well, that can give you an idea on what Quest Room tries to achieve. Instead of scaring you, the game offers an adventure you can master. Becoming a part of the adventure, even role-playing at some point is necessary to understand the story and win. But even if you don’t manage to finish it in time, you’ll still have a great personal adventure to remember fondly.

The Two Challenges Of The Quest Room

As we’ve mentioned earlier, for now the studio can only offer two rooms. They are:

  • Da Vinci Challenge. That’s the one everyone recommend, as the difficulty spike is higher, so experienced players will have fun trying to figure out the puzzles even if they don’t care so much about escape room stories. The guests are provided with opportunity to wear cloaks: it’s not arbitrary, but it really helps to fully get into character. Also, for the most part your group will be divided in two, and each mini-team will have to solve puzzles on their side in order to help the comrades out and finally meet somewhere in the middle.
  • Bloody Elbow. This one is not so explorative, as there are fewer puzzles and more spooks. The overall mood is somewhat creepy, so it is top pick if you’re into scary stuff. The adventure begins with you being blindfolded and locked up: that’s a great way to create the tension, as the Quest Room guests reveal they were immediately hooked.

The Da Vinci Challenge also has a nice surprise for those who are attentive enough: a bonus puzzle that is not significant to the main storyline. Solve it, and you’ll get memorable presents at the end!