10 Fun Places in Seattle for Birthdays

Birthday is not only gifts and congratulations, but also careful reflection: Where to celebrate it with an unforgettable experience? In Seattle, you can celebrate this holiday in variety of exciting ways. Let’s look at the best options for celebrating in a fun bright way!

Best places to have a fun birthday

SodoPop Party Room

Fun place in Seattle for birthday in company of friends, where you find friendly staff, excellent selection of snacks and drinks at bar. SodoPop is a big adult shindig with loud music or just simply cozy celebration? It’s up to you. Here is everything you need for memorable party that goes according your especial scenario. In addition, prices are pleasantly surprising. One ticket costs $ 20-25, including open bar. Pay yourself, or allow guests to purchase tickets on their own. SodoPop Event Space is a place to have fun, dance and enjoy.

Cozy Party Café

Venue is ideal to celebrate a charming birthday. Lovely place accommodates up to 30-35 people. At the bar you enjoy nice staff, gladly making delicious coffee with a waffle bar, or gently pouring draft beer, making a spicy snack plate. There are other dishes in assortment, wine, lemonade. Bright & Funky Retro Café is wonderful not only for adult, but for a birthday of child or baby shower. Retro Café is nice for mingling and having fun in cozy circle of close company. Main thing of the Café is its charming staff.

Seattle Entertainment Studio

Fascinating studio in unusual décor with lots of space for entertainment. Pike Place Market Studio is for playing console or board games, sing karaoke, play dartboard, billiards, or dance. Bring drinks and snacks with you or purchase at the bar. Sit on comfortable sofas, enjoying in the company of friends your favorite board game over a cup of hot aromatic coffee; because sometimes such a rest is the very happiness. In addition, you can call food delivery directly to party in studio. There is plenty room, as studio allows accommodating 50 people. Both adult and child have fun in studio. Feel free using your creativity and suggesting some crazy ideas to make atmosphere of event special.

VR Lounge in Seattle

VR games blur the line between physical and virtual worlds, giving brand-new emotions never felt before. In this Seattle VR Lounge everyone can choose a game to their liking. In rest zone area you can relax, unwinding after game, or watch how friends play; each game zone has large screen where game process is being broadcast. At your disposal 10 VR booths, so that’s quite enough for everyone. You can have a drink at the snackbar, while pizza, sandwiches and the like are served during party. Portal Virtual Reality Lounge makes you completely reboot, helping to escape from everyday life!

Garage Billiards & Bowling

Set up a holiday where you do not need to stock up on food, cook and wash dishes. Choosing Garage Billiards & Bowling, you escape from routine for active celebration! Hold tense tournament, playing bowling or billiards with friends, have enjoy chatting in pleasant environment all night long. Here you will find everything an adult needs. In a few hours of physical recreation, you go to bar to get drinks and snacks. In bar menu you find many interesting cocktails; definitely hilarious to try! By the way, there are as many as 6 bars, bowling lanes and pool tables of 20 each; so there is ample room to party.

The Hiyu Ferry

Renting a ferry on birthday means becoming owner of vessel for several hours. On the deck you have great celebration with DJ or event manager, banquet or buffet; at the end of celebration you can launch salute or balloons into the sky, while photographer capture bright emotions of your holiday. Fully renovated 165 ft. ferry boat lets you have grand party among breathtaking views of Seattle. You can organize a holiday according to your special scenario, so that party will be unforgettable for everyone. Or let professional organizers arrange birthday, if you want. You can take your child to The Hiyu Ferry, as the received impressions will fascinate not only an adult.

Quest Factor

Escape room is a wonderful idea in organizing a holiday that will always be remembered by the guest of honor and team. All fun escape games are specially equipped according established scenario. Participants have specific mission, which must be completed in limited time. Complete tasks, unravel secrets, find tips. This is unusual way to spend birthday party with lot of ​​new emotions and charge of positive delightful memories. There are many different quests to choose from. You can become a scientist, encounter secret bunker, find treasures or solve the riddle of Leonardo Da Vinci. If you do not like long feasts and gatherings, want something new and spicy; go on real adventures in fun escape rooms!

Downtown Speakeasy & Vault

This is a place to relax for whole family, friends and colleagues. Downtown Speakeasy & Vault paid equal attention to preparation of menu and bar card, as well as to selection of personnel and interior design. All of these components helped create cozy, laid-back atmosphere that stands out from other fun places in Seattle for birthdays. Live music and varied bar menu already provide great celebration for an adult. You can also come up with your own unique event scenario with entertainment to surprise guests. Be creative and invent your own unforgettable birthday!

Blowout Adult Party

Neumos, Barboza & The Runaway provide another great way celebrating a birthday. Organize your own private party with intimates only; dance until you drop, have fun as you know, and escape from reality! Only familiar faces around, so it’s really cool. Here you are provided with the very atmosphere that you need; don’t worry about lack of room, since venue accommodates from 20 to 750 people. Professional music with lighting equipment is included. Flexible pricing coupled with first class service and warm welcome is truly great.

The Space Needle

Another fun place in Seattle for your birthday offers perfection of style and taste. Gourmet cuisine among stylish atmosphere of surroundings awaits you at The Space Needle. Special atmosphere of hospitality prevailing here along with magnificent panoramic views of Seattle; so it won’t leave anyone indifferent! Enjoy delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs, relax luxuriously and unforgettably; plus wonderful memory photos are provided. Organize celebration for both adult and child, enjoying as it should!

Each of top 10 places for celebrating birthday in Seattle helps create pleasant atmosphere. But if you want to spend this holiday truly unforgettable and as fun as possible, this requires bright emotions and authentic impressions. The real bomb is mysterious escaperoom! It’s in the quest rooms that players get real explosion of emotions.

Feel mysterious atmosphere of parallel worlds, or become a super hero, or even plunge headlong into the wave of adrenaline. So take a chance to make your birthday unforgettable and most original with Quest Factor escape rooms!

Girl is trying to solve the puzzle in Quest Factor