Escape from emotional burnout

Did you ever have a feeling of devastation without any reasons? Do you seem to feel good, but there is no strength to rejoice, laugh and live a full life? We have bad news for you. You encountered emotional burnout and you urgently need to run away from it!

What is emotional burnout?

Emotional burnout

Emotional burnout is a state of a person in which a human has psychological protection in response to specific psychotrauming effects. In this case, psychological protection is the full or partial exclusion of emotions.

In such a state, a person has no strength to laugh or cry, he lacks life energy for reactions in situations that happen to him.

The burnout of a person comes when we do the same actions every day, but we do not see their result or do not feel progress. Because of this, our health, efficiency and relationship with others deteriorates. Man becomes nervous and irritable.

The main symptoms of emotional burnout

Main symptoms of emotional burnout

Emotional burnout syndrome is not a disease. According to WHO, this is a professional phenomenon and cannot be classified as a disease. But it has typical symptoms that can give you a call to action.

  • – Constant fatigue;
  • – Frequent headaches;
  • – Lack of normal sleep;
  • – Violation of food behavior;
  • – The desire from everyone to escape, stay alone;
  • – Avoiding responsibility, laziness, accumulating not performed work;
  • – Envy and complaints about life, luck of others;
  • – A person regrets himself for hard work, which has to “spend” his life;
  • – Negative and pessimism in relation to everything;
  • – Indifference to yourself and others;
  • – Self-assessment decreases;
  • – There is no interest in professional development, their work;

As you can see, emotional burnout affects the psycho-emotional, physical sphere of man, as well as his behavior in society. Therefore, it is very important to solve the problem in time with its condition.

What factors cause burnout?

Burnout factors

High speed changes. First of all, digitalization of processes. A person becomes difficult to predict changes, heavier to manage work processes, increases the importance of short-term planning. This makes you always be alerted. To keep up for changes, you need to acquire new knowledge, retrain old ones and be ready for frequent change of tasks.

Bad working conditions. This includes insufficient labor, bureaucratization of workflows, non-corrugated working days, lack of training programs and employee support programs, such as additional weekends or partial cost coverage of psychotherapy.

Work without emotional satisfaction. This happens, for example, due to the fact that in the team the tense situation, or, when a person does not like what he does, it makes work through strength.

However, it is wrong to assume that only those who do not like work will be burned. The opposite also happens: when a person loves his work, it begins to devote more time, sacrificing other areas of life. And then it does not notice how tension accumulates quickly and exhaustion comes.

How to defeat burnout?

Burnout protection

There are no universal councils in the fight against burnout, but based on practice, those who are engaged in several spheres of life are restored faster. It is important to take care of not only about emotional symptoms, but also about physical health.

  1. Find the hobbies to recover. To reduce the alarm and the number of thoughts about the work, find hobbies that will be delighted. If there are no such hobbies now, remember that you pleased in your childhood, and try to return to it.
  2. Get enough sleep. Chronic lack of sleep slows the work of the brain, the speed of physical reactions and reduces the ability to work. A person needs to sleep at least 6 hours a day, but for many this is not enough: 7 – 8 hours is the norm.
  3. Sport. Engage in your physical health. For example, sign up to the spa, go through the massage course, do yoga, or any other sport. Choose a sport that will be in joy, and will not overextend and require a large load.

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