Beat The Clock And Break Out Just In Sixty Minutes!

60 Out sounds like the perfect title for an escape room company, doesn’t it? The guys from 60OUT Escape Rooms in Los Angeles thought the same theme, and that’s how one of the most influential adventure studios was created. They offer the choice of not just 3-5, but 23 different escape rooms to try out, each one with its own unique theme and gameplay features.

What’s So Special About 60OUT

While many good quest manufacturers come and go, with 60OUT it doesn’t seem to be the case. The original crew is around since 2013, and through the time they managed to uplevel their own excellence for quite a few times. When you’re choosing a 60 out escape room, that’s what you get:

  • Lots of riddles and obstacles on your way. Search for the clues while trying to stop something bad that’s coming for you much faster than the 60 seconds that were advertised! 60 out escape rooms never feel hollow or empty, they’re filled up with adventure to the core.
  • Unique physical challenges. The creators are more than willing to step away from the regular formula and offer some brand new experience.
  • Beloved fictional worlds. 60OUT managed to get Sony Pictures to be their partner, so they have the legal rights to create escape rooms themed on the best movie classics.
  • Best writers, designers and engineers teamed up to deliver the great performance. The guests of 60OUT rooms in LA notice that their adventures are usually strong both in scenario and the quest part, and that’s rare. You may be used to visiting certain studio’s rooms “for the puzzles” or “for the plot”, but the great part is that with 60OUT, you don’t actually have to choose.

Where To Go First In 60OUT

It may be easy to feel a little dizzy when looking through 60OUT adventure list, so we’ll just offer you the best starting point. And it turns out to be…

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

You only wanted to hang out with a friend, but he doesn’t seem to be around as his room is empty. Looking for a way to entertain yourself, you find some old-looking video game and try to play it. Ultimately, you get sucked into a jungle world, and now it’s up to you to help your friends and get out, beating this strange game!

This is the room everyone’s talking about. Hi-tech puzzles, astonishing special effects and clever storyline with quite a bit of humor are what makes the experience so nice. It’s family-friendly, too!  Welcome to the Jungle is considered to be an official extension to the Jumanji universe, and you get to try to make it in the brilliantly recreated setting of the sequel. Prefer the classics? Don’t worry, there are quite a bit of throwbacks to the first Jumanji movie, too.