What is Adventure Escape and Why You Should Check Out This Series?

Adventure Escape games are a great way to spend time if you’re not in the mood to go anywhere and have your smartphone or tablet fully charged. This mobile game series is introduced by Haiku Games, the company that takes portable games very seriously.

Adventure Escape: The Basics

With 9 games in total, the player gets to solve nine unique mysteries while trying to escape certain horrible, life-threatening situations. The surroundings look nice for a portable game, the story is always entertaining, and the puzzles are both original and easy to grasp for those who never played an adventure game before.

The best thing is that all of the official Adventure Escape games are free to play! If you really liked them, be sure to show your support by making some in-game purchases. That’s not required for a good experience though, and most of them are things like hints for the current puzzle anyway.

Where To Start in Adventure Escape Games

While it’s generally recommended to start from the first game, there is no real reason for doing so if your eyes are on something different. Each title has a unique storyline, so the adventures can be uncovered individually, without even looking back on the games you’ve played before.

It’s not like you’re going to spoil some major plot events if you pick some of the most popular quests first. Feel free to use the list below. It’ll help a newcomer to know more about the most challenging, thrilling and mysterious adventures from Haiku Games.

The scene in a computer game when the player enters the saloon

Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt

You’re a shapeshifter, and a pretty good one, as you can take forms of different animals at your whim. A hunter took advantage on you, so now you’re caught in an animal form and put out on display. The first thing to do will be finding the way to escape from the cage, then it’ll be time for sweet revenge. Find the way to overpower the hunter and get away. It’s not only your life on the con, as your forest friends are in danger, too!

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

It’s always difficult to think straight when you’re responsible for the lives of people around you, and they keep to die in the most mysterious ways. Yet, as you’re the detective, it’s up to you to unravel the mystery of the legendary Wickham Manor. This place is sure a luxury one, but something truly dark is going on, and you’re getting to the core of it, whether it’s a man’s doing or some evil forces lurking around.

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins

Prepare to use the most of your courage and adventure spirit, as this game is really dark. It’s never been safe to be an archaeologist, but you surely didn’t expect that an ancient city you’ve managed to discover would turn out to be cursed. For five hundred years the forgotten evil had slept, but now you’ve awakened it, and the world is in danger once again. Will you do what it takes to stop the global catastrophe, even if you’ll have to sacrifice some of your friends for finding the solution?

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