How to Find an Amazing Escape Room?

How to make your weekend truly remarkable? Visit any of our amazing escape rooms with your friends and family! We’re always ready to welcome a new escaper team. Do you have what it takes to make the amazing escape?

When a player enters an escape room for their respective first time, it may be a little hard to feel the atmosphere and get the best of memories. That’s just how human brain works: even if it’s an amazing escape room, we might only remember the struggles of figuring out what to do – and maybe that one moment when we got the puzzle right from the first attempt.

However, after a second or third escape quest things start to get sorted out. The more you know about how this specific typr of entertainment works, the more you learn to appreciate good game design, interesting scenarios and unique decisions. This is the point where some players may want to experience something bigger. Stay with us to learn how to find a very special adventure that will make even the pickiest player happy.

Mystic escape room filled with magical bottles, locked chests, and ancient manuscripts.

Finding Your Perfect Escape Room

When people say they’ve been to an amazing escape room, you shouldn’t understand them literally. Impressions may vary, and what was the best for your friends may turn out the worst for you. When picking an escape room, make sure you pay attention to these important points:

  • Game design. Some people think an amazing escape room should have lots of technological gimmicks and objects to interact. Others are totally fine with the absence of expensive techs, but the puzzles should be original and difficult to crack. Then again, there are players who prefer more quest-like puzzle style. If an escape room has certain gameplay features, it’s very likely they’ll be mentioned in the description. But if the flavor text only mentions the story, expect classic riddles and puzzles with hidden keys.
  • Live actors. That’s a very specific point. Some players can’t stand escape rooms with live actors or hosts who guide the team through the quest. Others feel that adventure is a bit empty if no actors are involved. We believe an amazing escape room can feature many live actors at once (for example, if it’s a zombie apocalypses) or none at all (if it’s a bank heist or a complicated timed trap). But if any of this option is a must have (or a no-no) to you, please check the info on the game before booking a ticket.
  • The theme is extremely important. The amazing escape of your dreams will only happen if you let it go and dive into your favorite fantasy world. Historical dramas, detective stories, magical adventures, horror or sci-fi: you can find real life escape quest based on anything you like!

Visit any of our quest locations if you’re ready to make the amazing escape. We’re waiting for you!