Learn More About Ancient Myths With Themed Escape Rooms

Myths are not only entertaining but also educating. Learning more about mythology, people also get to know the way of thinking common for our ancient ancestors. The stories that were told throughout generations were shaped layer by layer until they’ve come to the form we know today.

Escape rooms do not always have a convincing story to back up the necessity of getting out of the locked space in forty to sixty minutes. But with mythology, there’s no need for a rational explanation. We know myths from childhood: from fairytales and textbooks, movies and videogames. We are taught how to feel about mythology beasts, and even if our brain understands the whole concept is absurd, it’s still hard to stay calm when a Minotaur is searching for you in his labyrinth. So if you choose a mythological escape room, prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure!

All Sorts of Mythology in Time Escape Rooms

The best thing about mythology is that it’s one of the largest imagination pools in existence. Only the most dependable and well-shaped ideas manage to remain in history as myths; yet, there are so many of them. Technically, we’re still generating myths: look up “urban legends,” if you can’t remember any myths created in the 21st century.

Egyptian escape room where the player has to watch out for traps.

So, every culture has its heroes and beasts, stories and archetypes. Of course, not every mythological nuance happens to play an essential part in its escape room. However, there are several most notable examples:

  • Greek mythological escape rooms. Even those that are not dedicated solely to mythology tend to ignore Greek lifestyle canons to show Greece as it is seen in ancient stories. But the most important part is not set, but monsters. All kinds of mysterious creatures can appear here; you become a hero and have to do what it takes to get out alive with a reward.
  • Egyptian escape adventures. It’s all about the pyramids, and it’s not hard to see why. Traps and puzzles, mazes and riddles: the monuments don’t require a particular reason to become a platform for escape room quests. They are escape rooms already, and now you have to break away. Watch out for mummies!

These are the most apparent topics for mythological escape rooms. If you want more myths, try picking a horror escape quest. It may seem that the horror genre has nothing to do with myths and tales, but the scariest stories are heavy influenced by ancient and recent mythology from all over the world.