How to Escape the Escape Room

If you’re with us for a long time, then you might know that we are not very much willing to share all the background escape room secrets. We believe that when you win the escape quest without any spoilers, the sense of accomplishment is so much higher than taking it away from you by giving away information would be too cruel! And even if you don’t make it from the first try, is it that big of a deal? Who knows, maybe you’ll return later, with another team, and improve your results!

Still, if you’ve been visiting escape quests for a long time and haven’t become a winner even a single time, then maybe some extra help could be used. As always, don’t expect that we’ll tell you how to escape this escape room that gives you the hardest time of all. The only help we can offer is the list of most common strategies that can bring you to victory even if your team is full of newbie players (including yourself).

Sometimes to solve a puzzle you need to use all the light sources you have. Make sure that they are meant to be moved though!

How to Win an Escape Quest on Your First Time

Most escaping room locations do not allow second visits, so let’s concentrate on getting out from the first try. If you want to escape the escape room, here’s what you should try to do:

  1. Let everybody do their own thing. Teamwork failures are responsible for 9 out of 10 escape quest losses. You cannot magically produce an effective team just in an hour, but you can make sure that everyone gets a chance to shine. People tend to lean towards the puzzles they prefer, so let the explorers explore, the strategists think of the main picture, the introverts solve solo riddles, etc. This will save you plenty of time and make people happy. Mind that a happy team is a productive team.
  2. Try to keep track of things and actions. The common problem with teamwork is that people are so hyped to win the escape quest that they forget to share information with other players. This leads to the inability to solve certain puzzles, as the items stay inaccessible for most of the quest.
  3. Always keep exploring. Escape rooms are designed to be fun for new and experienced players alike. It means that there’s still something to do. If you’re stuck, it’s most likely not because you cannot figure out the solution for the puzzle. You just haven’t found the right items yet, so keep on searching!

Once you are confident in your powers and set your eyes on the goal, nothing can stop you – or your team! Prove your skills at Quest Factor: we’ve got immersive escape rooms in Redmond, Seattle, and Shoreline!