Why Escape Rooms Based on Robbery Rock

It’s not necessary to sympathize with bank robbers in order to have fun when stepping in their shoes. Bank heist escape rooms are both thrilling and competitive, so be sure to check them out!

One of the classic movie themes is bank heist, so it’s no wonder there are escape rooms that share the same concept. While most of us do not actually plan on robbing any banks in the observable future, the idea is still exciting: to succeed, one needs to outwit the guards, conquer the security mechanisms, break all the locks along the way, and then – the last but not the least! – make the daring escape.

This storyline is perfect to design an escape room around, as the puzzles and gameplay elements merge brilliantly with the narrative. We’ve collected the best bank heist escape room concepts with certain real life examples so that you could find your perfect robbery adventure – or at least get the idea of it.

Bank Heist Escape Rooms With Pointing System

We personally find this concept the most exciting as it introduces original mechanics you won’t get in your average detective or horror escape rooms. Your goal here is not just to figure out the escaping path, but also grab as much cash as possible. Of course, it won’t just lie around in the vault for you to take: the hidden clues will lead to puzzles guarding the treasure.


  • perfect for competitive players;
  • more puzzles than you could possibly solve;
  • you decide how difficult the adventure becomes;
  • there’s much to lose if you give up early, so the tension increases;
  • urge to return and find more on your next time (though not all escape rooms studios allow reruns).

These bank heist adventures tend to be pretty difficult, so kids may get bored, but adults will have lots of fun. Lots of studios offer this type of gameplay with minor changes; the most notable examples include “World of Escapes” in Atlanta and “1 Hour to Escape” in Lewisville.

Bank Heist Escapes with Solid Storyline

While any of the escape rooms from the previous category offers fancy gameplay, there’s not much in terms of role play or storyline to speak of. That’s understandable, because with the greater number of puzzles it’s wiser to let players focus on finding solution.

It might not suit you well if you’re in for the story, though. If you just want to feel the spirit of adventure, we highly recommend to pick escape rooms that offer more classic experience. One of the many example is Bank Heist by “Escape Room Zone” in Farmington. You managed to get yourself inside the most secure bank in the world – Rock Solid Bank. Now the most difficult part is on: you are to beat the overcomplicated security system and make it out in time as your anonymous friend watches you through the cameras and mingles the electronics to help you here and there. What are his real motives? Escape the bank with money and find out!