7 Main Secrets for Quick and Enjoyable Passage Escape Rooms

In recent years, escape games have gained particular popularity as an active and exciting pastime, since this spectacular entertainment is suitable for both children and adults. Whether you want to have fun with your family, or have an unusual corporate event with colleagues, or set up an unforgettable date with your significant other – all goes perfectly well with escape rooms.

Now we give advanced tips to help you complete escape room in Seattle in one easy go. Each has his own recipe for solving puzzles, but there are several universal rules that do not depend on difficulty level of the game. We present to your attention secrets to escape rooms from real quest fans!


No panic!

The first and most important secret of escape games is not to panic, no matter what happens. By panic, you lose control of time and miss strategy of the quest, not to mention the other participants in escape room, who can take over your panic mood. If the time is running out, or you are in a dead end situation, not knowing what to do next, take a deep breath and calm down, get ready and find out a plan. Simply put: be surprised, worry, or get scared, but don’t panic! Don’t forget it is only a game that can be stopped at your very first request.


Find secret clues

Many new participants do not know what to do going into escape room in Seattle for the first time. The answer is simple: explore environment and grab everything that catches your eye. The main thing to remember – use extreme attention searching for secret clues. Pockets, boxes, shelves, corners, tubs with plants, trash cans, suspicious holes – everything should be inspected. Even the most seemingly insignificant detail can be the key to unraveling entire escape. In quest, each participant has enough tasks and puzzles. Use your abilities to maximum, activating ingenuity and logic, and your escape games will surely work out.


Escape room is a team work!

Always remember: you are a team, not rivals; success of each player is your success too. Support each other and solve puzzles together, don’t waste limited time arguing. Inform each other about finds and make sure team players hear your version. In excitement of completing escape, teammates may simply not hear or not fully understand you, so the process of passage will slow down. Do not interfere with teammates and help them whenever possible. Act together, pay attention to quality communication during the game. So you can successfully complete the escape, training your mind, acquiring skills, and developing deductive talents.


Find out the strategy

Among many escape room secrets in Seattle, there is one key rule – develop own strategy for passing. If not, chance of a mess becomes dangerously great. In each team, all members are individual; find out how to adjust your team so that each teammate performs action that he or she is best at. It will be useful to choose the leader during the game in order to entrust him with the process of coordinating overall actions of the team. It will allow you to wisely manage limited time given to your escape.


Another secret – don’t go in cycles

Do not obsess over a certain subject. In the room, in addition to things necessary for passing, there are also “extra” things just to distract your attention. If after 5 minutes you still could not figure out how to apply the found thing, just postpone it; if in future it will come in handy for you, simply return to it. Just find any specific place where you will put all items. It can be a table or any other horizontal surface accessible to all players. Thus, unapplied items are quickly found and can be used during escape games.


Think outside the box

Try to be creative and unusual in solving problems; find different solutions by working together with teammates. Experienced players who already know some of escape room secrets also learned everything after some practice. Therefore, it is worth taking the given puzzles as excellently training your brain. Try to change the angle of your vision while escaping; look for new methods of perception of tasks and develop logic together with participants, observing and studying how others do it.


Have fun with escape games!

Games not only develop a person by training body and brain, but also bring pleasure and joy. Therefore passage of escape room in Seattle should bring excitement and growth. Think, worry, keep track of time, but most importantly – enjoy the process! Knowledge of completing escape room will come by itself. Experience atmosphere of the room, be enthusiastic and cheerful. Any activity, conducted in a pleasant environment, is excellent and memorable; each room is a unique opportunity to have a good time with friends, so enjoy it!

The girl shares the secrets of quickly leaving the escape rooms

Having got acquainted with all escape room secrets, you are definitely ready to try your hand at exciting adventure game. Performing simple recommendations, following tips given above, successfully pass escape games becomes not difficult. It remains only to choose the most suitable game for you in all respects, and go!

A whole bag of incredible emotions and crazy adrenaline awaits your team at Quest Factor in Seattle. An escape room is a useful entertainment; it develops logical and innovative thinking, being a great way to spend time with people close to you. With these escape room secrets the question of what to do besides computer games and social networks will disappear by itself.