So You Plan Your First Visit to an Escape Room: Where to Start

Are you new to the art of escaping – and looking for an east escape room to start? Or just introducing your friends to avoid quests, and want them to have the best impressions ever? Anyway, you’ll need a substantial quest room for beginners. The game mechanics must be entertaining, but not too difficult to confuse the newcomers. The story must be easy to grasp, but not too dull so that everyone would stay excited. And the most important thing, the quest must be fun for every participant, never mind the experience. We are very passionate about escape rooms, but it’s been a long way till passion became a profession. Many members of our creative team describe their first visit to an escape room as confusing, upsetting or just weird. That’s common for first-timers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Just for you, we’ve created a list of simple escape quests that are perfect for beginners.

Easy Escape Rooms for First-Time Escapees

Our list is mostly universal, but keep in mind that age and personal preferences matter a lot. For example, a classic horror fan will fall in love with our Dracula escape room, even if it’s slightly more difficult than average quests. Also, sometimes the best thing you can do is to visit a brand new escape room, even if there are no reviews yet. Maybe all the innovations will be just perfect for the first time!

Without further ado, here is our list:

  • Magical Escape \ Magician Apprentice Room. Magic is a universal theme that everybody loves, regardless of age and life experience. People enjoy being amused, and that’s what magic escape rooms are all about. The puzzles are often experimental and rely more on intuition or common sense than on your cryptic riddle solving skills.
  • Prison Escape. You need to be careful with these, as sometimes jail breaks can be a little bit too intense. Especially if quest contains isolation segments when the players have to break out on their own. The good thing is there are not so many objects, so it’s easy to locate puzzles. Also, it feels realistic, even when the riddles are far from being hard.
  • Movie-based (Game-based, etc.) Escape Rooms. These are perfect for a smooth start. If it’s a quest on Star Wars or Harry Potter, game design will be much more approachable for beginners. Choose your favorite franchise and head straight to adventure; live actors and a friendly host will make the experience memorable, and you’ll have a good time.