Why You Should Book an Escape Room Beforehand And Not in the Last Moment?

Planning is hard, especially when it comes to entertainment. We agree that spontaneous adventures are usually the best, but as escape rooms become more and more popular, it becomes easy to end up with no adventure at all.

Escape rooms proved to be an awesome form of entertainment for all ages. Now people in US do not view them as a niche hobby anymore: instead, it’s a way to celebrate a birthday party, to get to know your study group better, or even to build an effective work team. It’s no wonder some of the most popular studios became a little hard to approach: the waiting lines can be pretty long, especially near the holidays, and not every studio provides an opportunity to just mingle with whatever team is going to play now.

So, if you want to go to that very escape room (does it contrast well enough with “just any” escape room”, the first thing you need to do is to book it. If your escape room is really popular, it’s better to make a call in advance: sometimes, even reserving an adventure in two weeks before the actual visit is impossible.

When Should You Book An Escape Room

While in many studios you can just walk in with your team and ask whether something is available at the moment, more and more escape rooms ask the players to book the adventure beforehand. Still, with many of the rooms, it’s perfectly fine to call them the day before the visit: most likely, you’ll get what you want, even if not in prime hours.

Still, there are situations where this approach doesn’t work:

  • Extremely popular themed rooms. Maybe they’re located in popular places, or maybe they created an adventure on franchise everyone loves – like Harry Potter, for example – and now everybody wants to have their own experience, just like in the book, but in real life. This means the competition is higher, so you’ll have to plan ahead, especially if you’re only in town for a short period of time.
  • Someone’s having a birthday party. If an escape room is a part of someone’s birthday experience, it’s extremely important to book the event in time. It’s perfectly fine to switch activities if local escape rooms were not available on weekend as you expected, but if escape experience is a birthday gift, it should be delivered with no delays, lines or changes!
  • Team building. If you don’t have about 6-8 employees in the office, it’s so much better to book ahead of time. Studios need time to prepare massive events, and if you don’t plan, there’s a big chance nobody would take a risk on carrying out a project that’s doomed to fail.

Nowadays, you can book everything online, and there are also bonuses for planning ahead. Keeping a track of what the studios can offer often gives visitors nice discounts, too.