Escape the Room Breakout Games

There are many options on what to do with your weekend. But whatever you prefer, leave an hour gap in your plans, as it’s just enough time to visit a breakout room and finish it! Don’t worry about getting carried away with all the wild adventures we’ve prepared for you and forgetting to leave. If in 60 minutes you won’t find the exit, complete the game objective or turn that final key, the game will end, and you will be able to return to your busy weekend schedule!

What Is a Breakout Escape Room

What we call the breakout room is the same thing that other people would call an escape quest, a real-life adventure game, or a quest challenge. In an escape room, you get to solve many breakout puzzles, find various quest items and make good use of the hints scattered throughout the location. Only that way can you finish the breakout room game in time and maybe even set a new record!

The other important factor of every breakout room game is the timer. Usually, you are provided with at least an hour to try and solve all the riddles. But if the challenge is short, you’ll only have 40 minutes. That means that you’ll have 10-15 minutes for preparations and briefing, and then another 5-10 minutes to take your stuff, take photos and discuss any problems you might have encountered. That’s perfect if you are in a hurry, but if you want to stay longer and relax after all the puzzle solving, make sure to back up the breakout with renting a lounge for the after party.

Do not try to break through the castle door! Look for the key, and if you don’t find one then try to think of another solution.

What Are the Breakout Games About

The breakout games are about an escape room and how you figure your way out of it. The path to victory determines the story; there are many possible scenarios. Here are the most famous plots:

  • Horror quests. Best for big parties and grand events. People who don’t like puzzles much still get involved from the first seconds. That’s because you’ve got to escape from a vampire crypt, discover the mystery of the haunted house or fight the undead!
  • Detective stories. If you are looking for a breakout live escape game that will challenge your intellect, then a detective escape room is a perfect choice. You won’t only solve puzzles; instead, you’ll have to line up the evidence and find the murder! Or discover a document of historical importance, or whatever the plot demands.
  • Experimental escape rooms. In many breakout games locations, you’ll have to try something completely different. How about becoming the bad guys and planning the biggest bank heist in the century? Or maybe you prefer searching for the crew of the vessel that got lost in space? Imagination has no bounds!

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