Breakout Room: Do You Think You’ll Manage To Escape Just In Sixty Minutes?

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 Breakout rooms yet have to gather the amount of popularity classic escape rooms bath in. Still, it’s considered a fun and original way to spend time with friends, and in certain cases – even alone. While it’s understandable if someone doesn’t want to get locked up all by themselves, without aid of pals to come, we recommend to try out a breakout room one day, solo or in a good company.

What is a breakout room

Technically, all the “regular” escape rooms could be considered breakout quests. But the breakout room stays separately due to these reasons:

It’s not like you’re only left with a bunch of riddles, though. In the breakout room the story is presented not through common narrative. Instead, the setting does most of the explanations. If constructed carefully, the breakout rooms can be even more thrilling than classic escape rooms.

Action scene in a cinematographic escape room.

What is hidden inside a breakout room?

Various popular layouts exist for breakout games with escape rooms. If you’re not looking for something specifically, feel free to try out any of these:

The breakout room mentioned the last is special, because you can only do it solo or in company of a single friend. There just is not enough room for any other players, so if you want all of your friends to join, better find something else. Still, this extreme type breakout room presents a unique challenge, and it shouldn’t be overlooked if you’re trying to find something uncommon and fun.