Columbus Day Escape Rooms– Real-life Quests for the Holidays

Finding your path in an entirely new area is far from easy. No wonder that even such an experienced explorer as Christopher Columbus made a mistake and thought that he discovered the continent of America when his ship reached the lands of San Salvador. Amazingly enough, this mistake led to an ongoing traditional celebration that still takes place across the continent. Whether we are celebrating the continent being – mistakenly, but yet – discovered, or the very spirit of discovering, is actually up to interpretation.

If you are in Seattle, you’ll probably find lots of fun activities to dive into on Columbus Day. We’ve got numerous concerts and public events, lectures, performances, and even a parade. If you want to spice up your program a tiny bit and spend some private time with your friends or family, we recommend taking on a holiday escape quest. This refers both to thematic Columbus escape rooms and various regional live-action quests that get special discounts because of the holiday. Follow the footsteps of Columbus: gather a team, enter the unknown and try to find your way back!

Which Escape Rooms are Must-try on Columbus Day

One of the many benefits of escape rooms is that even if everything goes wrong, you’ll only be locked for an hour. Do not worry; you won’t ever feel overwhelmed or bored. Escape quests include various puzzles and interactive elements so that every member of the team could make a meaningful contribution, regardless of their skill and temper.

Natural island escape room with authentic walls and furniture. There are no apparent hints, clues or quest objects anywhere.

Once you’re in, you’ll have to deal with your whole team if you want your adventure to end successfully. Of course, the best way to guarantee the outcome of any experience is preparation. Pick an escape room wisely, and you’ll have the best time ever. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Columbus escape room or exploring-related real-life quests. There are not so many of those, but they are mostly for kids anyway. If you have children, it’s a perfect opportunity for some quality edutainment.
  • Historical escape quest. You don’t have to discover America to feel like a real explorer. Choose an ancient Egypt escape room, and you won’t be short on secrets and surprises to find. You can also pick a quest those bases on the history of our country: it is pretty close to the spirit of the holiday!
  • Quests that suit your level. If your team never tried anything like this before, it’s better to stick with beginner escape room games. But if you’ve already seen plenty of locked spaces, try something challenging! Taste your limits and make sure that the adventure is fun for everybody involved.

Don’t forget to book an escape room if you are planning to visit on Columbus Day!