Family Events Can Become Even Better With Escape Quests

If you’re out of ideas for annual family events, consider visiting a local escape room. The thing about escape quests is that they’re available for everyone: children and adults will be excited to solve puzzles, look out for clues and work in a team to make the escape possible. In a way, escape rooms are like competition, but you don’t compete with anything but the timer. So while the pressure is present, there is never too much of it, that’s why everybody has fun.

The only problem you may run into is finding a family friendly escape room. Of course, you don’t need to check parental advisory levels if no kids or teenagers are present in the group. But if you take children along, it’s better to pick a fun escape adventure that will be entertaining enough for all ages.

What Escape Rooms to Pick for a Family Event

Most family escape rooms are aimed precisely on kids, so make sure to ask the staff about age recommendation. If you have a group of children, it might be for the best to look for an escape room for kids. Adults can enjoy an hour of shopping, relaxing in a cafeteria or visiting a more mature escape room.

If the group is mixed, it’s better to choose one of these options:

  • Pirate escape room.It’s perfect if you’re celebrating the birthday of a family member, as the destination is often a treasure chest. And what would the treasure be? Right – birthday presents! The other good thing about pirate challenges is that they are very lively. Many tasks include interaction with live actors; the puzzles are often funny, but smart. Also, there are separate segments for skilled players and newbies, so nobody feels left out.
  • Space ship escape. Though sci-fi rooms are sometimes a bit difficult, they’re certainly worth the trouble. You get to interact with lasers and blasters, fix the fuel system, get in contact with aliens, avoid meteor showers and who knows what else. The interesting thing about space escape quests is that new players are often good at them. That’s because they’re not searching for classic escape room puzzles: a new attitude makes newbies extremely valuable for the team.
  • Classic escape room. If nobody in the group has ever tried an escape adventure before, then “vanilla” is the way to go. There’s no need for extra distractions if the players are getting used to the concept of finding and solving puzzles for 60 minutes straight, with no breaks planned. Just make sure you’ll find a challenge with matching difficulty, as sometimes designers make classic escape quests hardcore – to spice things up.

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