Santa was seen in Seattle escape rooms

Little known fact: Santa has quite a relax schedule most of the year. After all the travelling and gift delivering he likes to go to escape rooms in Seattle to spend a nice evening solving mysteries.

Santa’s favorite escape rooms

Santa wants to tell you about his favorite escape rooms

Earlier this year he enjoyed Bank Heist. Yes, Santa knows a lot about the locked rooms. In real life gets into them with the best intentions, but it is nice to be a little naughty sometimes. Surprisingly, with all his experience Santa found Bank Heist quite challenging. So he was very pleased with himself when he completed the mission and got his hands on the huge diamond.

Another escape room in Seattle Santa has found delightful was Pirates in the Caribbean. He got a chance to visit an exotic island. Santa thought that it was very strange that everyone else was trying to escape that beautiful place. In the end, his teammates prevailed and they supposedly avoided some perceived danger.

Santa plans to return to this Seattle escape room by himself to enjoy the atmosphere.