Da Vinci Secret Escape Room

Da Vinci Secret Escape Room

Da Vinci Secret Escape Room

Have you ever wanted to be the first person to make a significant historical discovery? Well, the scientific community still argues that the legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci is not fully retrieved. Impossible inventions, innovative blueprints and paintings even more mysterious than the famous Mona Lisa: who knows what treasures have been lost to the wheels of time?

But what if you could enter Da Vinci’s secret escape room, the place where he went when he wanted to remain unseen? Of course, the hidden workshop won’t give you all its secrets from the first try. But if you had at least an hour to spare, wouldn’t you be able to crack all the secrets and get right to the lost cultural artifacts?

If you enter Da Vinci's hideout, you'll see many old paintings and blueprints. Maybe they will help you to locate the treasure and get out?

Enter the Challenge of the Great Da Vinci

If you decide to penetrate the hidden workshop, please keep in mind that outsmarting a genius is by no means an easy task. To perform the Da Vinci room escape, you’ll need to think just like this man. Who, as you might remember, was famous for his talent in many areas:

Da Vinci’s office escape room is perfect for weekends, but it is also useful in team building. All the tasks are designed to train teamwork: it is impossible to progress solo, the players need to communicate if they want to achieve anything in the game. If you are planning a teambuilding session, please tell us in advance. We can provide conditions for expert observing; also, if you need to have video material on hands after finishing the quest, we’ll be happy to give the recordings for group discussions.

Are you ready to find the secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci? Or maybe there’s another historical figure you’d like to investigate? Our comment section is open to all opinions, as always!