Why Not Set Up a Date in an Escape Room?

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Escape room date might not seem a good idea at first, and we understand why. You don’t know for sure what to expect from an escape room, so there’s no way to prepare, even if you’re an experienced player. It’s hard to pick the one perfect escape room for the date, because there are just too many of them. What if your partner gets scared, or overwhelmed by the new surroundings?

However, all these questions don’t change the fact that an escape room is an innovative, original and exciting experience that is perfect as a dating activity. Both of you will have a great time, and it really doesn’t matter if you’re seeing the person the first time in your life, or if you’re spending the Friday evening with your long-term partner. Still unconvinced? We’ve gathered some of the reasons to plan visiting an escape room on your next date.

What Makes Escape Rooms Perfect For Dates

If you’ve ever been to escape room, you know it’s almost always an emotion-driven adventure. You’re feeling the adrenaline boost whenever you think the solution to the puzzle is close, and the events can scare even the most calm and phlegmatic people, just due to how cleverly they are staged. Sharing emotions together is always great, and here’s what makes the emotions from making it out from an escape room together the strongest:

We are proud to present our escape rooms for dates, family holidays and any kinds of important events. Visit us in any of our locations, and don’t forget to book the ticket up ahead!