Escape Dracula’s Crypt

Would you dare to enter the abandoned vampire crypt? It may be the only chance in a lifetime – but on the other hand, where’s the guarantee that the door won’t just shut from the other side, leaving you trapped in a room with a hungry monster that is going to wake up soon?

Quest Factor provides adventure fuel for many brave explorers in Redmond. If you are searching for horror-themed escape rooms near you, just come to our lobby, and the story will begin. There is one thing we can tell for sure: if you don’t give up and continue fighting, there’s always a chance to conquer all the obstacles and get out in time! But if you hesitate, take too long or give up at any point – may luck be at your side, because Dracula is coming after you…

Challenge the Vampire and Run Away from Dracula

Classic horror escape quests always contain elements of the famous movies and books that taught people not to fear the dark (we believe this fear exists as long as humanity does), but what exactly to worry when the darkness surrounds you. Ghosts, banshees, monsters and wicked witches: imagination has no limits when it comes to spooks and scares.

So why do we offer you to enter Dracula’s crypt, out of all places? Besides the fact that it’s likely the first quest to pop up at you looking for scary escape rooms near your location, of course. The thing is, as creators, we at Quest Factor always found this legend fascinating. Count Dracula is a deadly monster. But at the same time, he is an intelligent being; once you enter his domain, it is not just a matter of quick reflexes and reactions. The crypt has many secrets to discover, and while some of them will lead you to the exit, others will distract your team from the right path and make you lose precious time. And there are only a handful of minutes left before twilight… Do you think the vampire might have orchestrated the whole thing?

Sometimes to get away, you need to make a sacrifice. The girl is giving away her blood just so that she could run away from the crypt.

Only for the Bravest Adventurers

Like the most Quest Factor escape rooms, Dracula is based on solving puzzles, finding the clues and interacting with the atmospheric environment. But beware: even though the vampire won’t awaken till the rise of the full moon, there might be other monsters and traps for you to discover!

To get out of the crypt, you’ll have to do unspeakable things and maybe even abuse the dark magic itself! Who knows how much you will have to sacrifice… But if it is for saving your precious life, there are no rights or wrongs!

We gently remind that our Dracula escape room in Redmond is rated 14+, but you can still bring thirteen-year-olds and younger as long as there is at least a single adult in the team. Dracula quest will appear the most to the people who enjoy horror movies and scary tales. But if you’re in for a great adventure, you’ll have the best time ever, too. Also, if you’re looking for some non-scary escape rooms near you, Quest Factor might have what you need, so check us out!