How to Defeat Loki and Return Mjolnir?

Asgard needed a new ruler. Odin’s dream had always been to have a more capable as well as a stronger son to take the throne after him once he had gone to rest with the ancestors. Thor and Loki, his two sons, had to lock horns for the successor to be chosen. Loki won. Defeated, Thor lost both his hammer, the Mjolnir and powers. 

And now in escape room Thor, you as a citizen of Asgard has to help Thor to defeat Loki as well as find his missing weapon, the Mjolnir. Not having the Mjolnir leaves Thor extremely exposed and the fact that it’s the most potent weapon ever possessed by any of the gods, its disappearance means grave danger should it fall into the wrong hands. The entire kingdom or kingdoms could be destroyed with this weapon.

The quest to find Mjolnir is divided into two, and each requires you to use your brain power. The two parts have puzzles everywhere that need solving- something you may need to do with a partner or partners. Select your team wisely! This escape room is heated and has a lot of suspense. Do not assume anything and do not be so sure of yourself. Danger lurks in the dark- remember that. 
 A wrong turn could leave you trapped at a dead end, leaving you very frustrated. You need to remain very alert and focused. All your senses need to be at their best to help Thor defeat Loki, but most importantly you need them to help Thor recover his hammer, the Mjolnir and save both Thor and the entire Asgard kingdom. Remember, try not to be the weak link in your team!