Who Knows What Happens in an Abandoned Castle?

Castle escape room is a great way to spice up a weekend with friends of family. Fantasy themes seem to be more popular than ever, with classic franchises like Lord Of The Rings and The Witcher being second-born through action and RPG video games. Also, while Game of Thrones is quite far from being a hit right now, we’re all used to its gloomy, yet engaging setting brilliantly recreated by Netflix. And why only see mysterious ancient castles on the screen, if you can visit one?

Of course, when we’re talking escape rooms, it means you’ll be trapped in one, maybe 3-4 rooms at a time. But it’s actually not so far from reality: you see, even the nobles tended to stick to a certain route in their castles, ignoring all the parts they had nothing to do in. Also, taking in consideration the average visit is about 40-60 minutes long, you’ll have just enough content to explore without feeling that you leave something out.

What Makes Castle Escape Rooms Special

Well, first of all, it’s the theme. Most escape rooms tend to focus on not-so-far-away past: it’s either modern setting, or the 60s – 80s, or the beginning of XX century – you get the point. Also, there are games about Egypt, pyramids and mummies, but these base on the pop-culture movies more than anything else.

When we’re talking castles, we usually mean either touching the exact history while becoming a daring explorer, or getting into the shoes of people who actually lived in XIV – XVII centuries. Even if the castle is full of magic, you can get a grasp of how did it feel to be a part of the middle Ages, without all the crafts that make our lives so simple today, but with lots more in their space.

Then, it’s the puzzle set. Naturally, the constructors can’t use visible complex machines, phones, video cameras, lasers etc. without breaking the mood. This creates a perfect opportunity for highly interactive, innovating puzzles that encourage exploration and reward for “getting physical”.

Castle escape quest interior.

Castle Secrets By World Of Escapes

We believe Castle Secrets is a great example of how an escape room can keep a modern feeling to it without stealing the unique castle atmosphere away from the players. You play as an archaeologist who just happened to finally find the legendary castle full of treasure. Now you and your team are unwillingly trapped inside, and it’s up to you to try and get away.

Note that the treasure is not your goal, as you should show your intelligence, intuition and wits. The unique puzzles are fit both for experienced players and beginners, and there are lots of stages requiring you to craft items from what you have including to proceed.

The game is based in Seattle, but judging on how many offices World Of Escape has in US, it’s just a matter of time when the concept will get to other cities. 
If you like the theme of quests with castles, then we are waiting for you in Quest Factor.