What Makes The Escape Experience Amazing And What Tears It Apart: Main Points?

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Escape room experience can be super fun – or totally devastating. What determines our happiness level after finally escaping (or simply leaving) a locked room is the thoughtfulness of puzzles, atmosphere and overall design. Today let’s find out what creates a truly special escape experience, and what can rob any excitement from even the most loyal visitors.

Ways to create a thrilling escape experience

To be able to enjoy the puzzle, the guests should feel like something new and totally unpredictable is going on. But they shouldn’t get stuck for too long, or it won’t be fun anymore, just painful. Try to stick to these important rules:

Ways to break escape experience (hint: don’t do that!)

So, you’ve designed a perfect escape room. Every puzzle is tested, no broken tech is involved, and every riddle is original. Nothing can go wrong, you might think? Then check if you have any of these problems:

The last two are especially important, as they determine the overall mood and the final impressions. Make sure you’ll pay attention to creating a unique way to get into and out of the story, and the visitors will have an experience they’ll never forget.

Couple solves puzzles in a horror escape room

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