What Does It Take to Make an Epic Escape Game?

What Does It Take to Make an Epic Escape Game?

What Does It Take to Make an Epic Escape Game?

If you want an epic escape game, you don’t need to cross the whole country to find the best escape room studio. We offer epic escape room adventures in several cities, so feel free to visit us and break free from the locked rooms anywhere!

What makes an epic escape game? Some of the most proficient players say there’s no such thing as a guaranteed recipe for an epic escape game, as every adventure depends on many factors, and these factors can’t be easily recreated. The other experienced escapers see the “epic escape” problem differently, as they’ve tried lots of escape rooms, and developed the ability to see the signs of whether the escape game will be truly memorable.

We present the most popular opinions on what makes the room escape games epic. Also, as we’re very much involved into escape room design, development and overall produce, we’ll also share some of our own thoughts on the case.

What Makes an Epic Escape Game Epic (According to Players)

There seem to be not so much of a line between an epic escape game and a good escape game. However, everybody seems to agree that to become epic, an escape room must be exceptional at least in one or two of the following criteria:

What Makes an Escape Epic – According to Us

We’ve been in the business for a while, so we’ve created our own must-have list for epic escape adventures:

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