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Escape room is an experience that is often associated with horror stories, spooks and mysterious threats. Sure, it’s fine to take your 14-year-old along, but for younger kids it won’t be suitable at all. But escaping from a locked location is fun, and the puzzles, if suitable for the age, may make children happy, invested and very proud of themselves.

Luckily, there are lots of children-themed escape rooms with all the scenarios you could possibly imagine. Pirates, ghosts, jungles: it’s all out there for the minors to explore and enjoy. Also, there are escape rooms suitable for all family: not too child-like, but also enough entertaining for kids to try and solve the mystery.

Family Friendly Escape Rooms

Every company that organizes escape rooms makes sure to let their customers know the preferred age of participation. Don’t worry that you might accidentally venture on a really scary adventure while looking for a nice family right. The stuff will stop you and explain the situation before you can even enter.

For the most part, these precautions are unnecessary. Themes for the family friendly games are different from the regular, “horror” ones, and they even often have their own category on the website. Escape rooms for the families are constructed in a way that everyone could fully participate, so your children aged about 8 or 10 will be perfectly able to contribute to the overall solution.

The key to making the experience enjoyable for everyone is not making the escape linear. As long as there are several different puzzles to solve at the same time, your child will never get bored in escape room. So, the only real problem is to find the room that will be entertaining for every member of the family.

The Chamber Escape Room, Columbus

This one doesn’t offer a spooky story, so your child won’t see nightmares after the visit. It is focused on solving puzzles, so you basically just need to get away because you’re locked. Suspense music and some sound effects add the thrill, but that’s all. For children it’s even better, because they tend to enjoy the process, not the storytelling.

Chamber Escape has a strict time limit: you have to get out in only 45 minutes. But there are also no narrative sections, and the room has more than enough puzzles (both for kids and their parents) to keep all the family team involved till the very end. Also, the children will be able to stay active throughout all adventure.

If your child is really into puzzles and creepy escape experience, we recommend you to visit this escape room. It does have age requirements though: the kids aged 8-13 must attend with parents.