Mysterious Hotels are Perfect Setup for an Escape Adventure

 Do you love escape rooms as much as we do? If the idea of getting locked up and being forced to find your own way out makes you excited, just imagine how much more fun would it be if you were not in a small room, but instead in a hotel!

Why bother?

Haunted hotel real-life games are getting bigger, and there are perfectly valid reasons for that.

You may think that you’re not really into hotel thematic. Just give it a try. It’s rarely about the hotel but more about the curse that made it haunted, or the mad scientist, or an evil owner, etc…. The newfound genre knows no limitations.

  1. It’s something new. There are only oh-so-many puzzles and ideas you can try in a single locked room. Adding a room structure creates a whole new level of excitement. Endless opportunities for story to progress, too!
  2. It’s extremely relatable. Haunted hotel escape games make us remember certain days in our lives when we had to stay in that weird motel where the wooden floor was so squeaky, and the staff was so gloom for no apparent reason… It’s easy for our brain to believe in the setting and take everything that comes next seriously, even if we know it’s just a game.
  3. It’s super exciting. That’s a cliché that’s not overused in cinema or video games, but is recognizable and desirable instead. Is there anyone who never wanted to escape a haunted hotel? This type of quest just screams: “ADVENTURE!” Getting away from such an evil force as an entire haunted hotel feels like a real accomplishment.

What to expect from haunted hotel escape rooms

Never go in suggesting you’ll only have to escape the hotel room you’ve arrived into. Sure, there are thematic solo rooms with a hotel-related story. But most of the haunted hotel quests tend to be at least 2-5 rooms long.

There might be some live actors. Escape room purists insist that a locked room mustn’t have any real life actors in it. But you’re dealing with a haunted hotel. Sure there’ll be some scared staff members, or other guests? Just roll with it. Acting helps to add a new layer to the story, so the plot will have more chances to actually surprise you.

Sometimes an answer to a puzzle in the first room is hidden in some other room. While it’s common to follow the golden rule of keeping all the keys where the locks are, haunted hotel escape stories tend to work a little different. Be prepare to drag your quest things along: they may be required for solving one final puzzle in the end of the storyline.

A hotel where something weird is happening