Work your head on Labor Day

Though Labor Day is one of the most popular American-exclusive holidays throughout the world (after Thanksgiving and Independence Day, of course), it stays a bit confusing in terms of celebrating. The cause is understandable: hard work should be appreciated, and it is great that everybody who is involved in physical or intellectual labor gets his moment of glory. But there are not so many traditions connected with Labor Day, so if you’re willing to pay special attention to this holiday, you’ll have to be inventive.

If your coworkers do not seem eager to throw a party and you don’t feel like you have enough inner strength to organize the whole thing by yourself, consider booking a collective visit to an escape room. An average escape quest is no longer than an hour. It is just enough time to attempt to solve all the puzzles and find all the secrets. No one will feel awkward or tired; and because you are solving the game with your colleagues, you will find the exit faster than an average team! Or will you?

Fun Escape Rooms on Labor Day

Labor Day escape room sessions are great because they help you to connect with your coworkers better without having to rely on things like small talk or weird teambuilding exercises. You might have already experienced a new approach to teambuilding that includes the same escape rooms the guests visit just for fun. The only difference is that when you’re building a team, there is a coach who observes the actions of every member of the group and helps to analyze the results afterward. It is pretty fun, too, but it still influences everyone’s behavior. No swear words, no inappropriate inside jokes, and no secrets: that is an absolute must when one participates in a corporative teambuilding event.

Coworkers celebrate Labor Day together in an escape room. Everybody uses their best talents to help the team get out in time.

With escape quests, there’s no need to be tense. You can communicate in a much more relaxed manner, and you can pick any theme for the quest that is to your liking. Maybe at some point, you’ll find yourself asking: “What is the closest Bank Heist escape room near me?” If this happens, we hope that would be Quest Factor! We know that there’s time for work and play. After a whole year of productive work, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to rob a bank!

Discuss the best scenario before making a reservation. On Labor Day many Seattle companies get short on escape rooms. Thievery quests and horror rooms tend to be the most popular. It’s likely because they help to get rid of the steam. Make us a call so we’d know when you need an escape room to be waiting for your group!