How to pass the escape room?

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One of the most intimidating things about the escape rooms is that once you’re in, there’s no way to get exact directions on how to get out. The smartphones and tablets are not allowed, and even the old-fashioned mobile phones are taken away. You also cannot bring your camera in and make any pictures with it: it’s important not to spoil the adventure for those who will play after you by giving away the information of any sort.

Yet, escape room directions are still quite important for every person who plays a real life escape game for the first time. The main thing about them is that they give you a plan of what to do, regardless of the scenario and actual puzzle set. If you know where to start (even if the knowledge has nothing to do with exact locations of puzzles and keys), it’s much easier to keep up with the timer and win the escape room.

What to Do When You’re in Escape Room

So, the host told you everything about the rules and terms, took away your gadgets and locked you in a strangely-looking room you now need to escape from. What’s next?

To know more about escaping the locked rooms, visit any of our many locations! If you need directions, check out the map or call us directly: the staff will be happy to help.