Escape Room Hints and Cheats

If you have ever been to a live escape room, then you might know that even if the creators say that you have to solve the case in 60 minutes and the outside world is not coming to the rescue, the reality is a little different. First of all, you can always leave if you want to. One of the doors is forever unlocked from the start for the security measures. That’s not how you beat the game, you won’t get a refund, and you won’t even experience most of the game’s content, but if you need to leave, there is such an opportunity.

The second important fact is that you are never left out there hanging. As a team, you have a certain number of hints available to you. The staff responsible for the briefing will let you know how many tips you can take, but the number is rarely higher than two. Of course, under challenging quests such as casino escape room tips can be offered more frequently, because the difficulty bar is that much more top. Once you’re out of the tips, it’s all up to you. So be thoughtful and try to find the solution first once you get stuck!

How Does the Tip System Works in Escape Games

When you are in an escape room taken tips are counted by the staff, so that’s the thing you don’t need to worry about. There is no such problem as “what if we ask for too many tips and get disqualified.” Asking for help is not cheating; if you are out of hints, you won’t get any, that’s all.

Escape rooms are great for romantic dates. But if you are stuck, admit it, get a clue and move on.

This is how the tip system is supposed to work:

  1. The team can’t find what to do next and struggles to find the solution in 5 minutes or so.
  2. The players agree that they need to ask for a hint.
  3. If it is a big team, then the majority of voices can decide on whether or not to take the tip. That is how conflicts are avoided – at least, for the most part.
  4. Someone from the staff who’s watching your game tells you where to look for clues or what to do next without spoiling the action in its fullest. Tips are not instructions, and they won’t steal the fun; instead, they’ll show what exactly you are stuck on.
  5. The team makes progress, and now has only two hints left.

Mind that if you don’t seem to progress in 10 minutes or so, the staff will ask if you need a hint. At this point, it’s better to say “yes” and get back on track, or you might miss all the content.

Also, remember that escape room hints do not allow any cheats! Even if you have two “tip-lives,” you cannot use a smartphone or any handy tools you happened to sneak in to help your team. If you break the rules, the game will be stopped immediately!

Did you ever ask for hints in an escape room? Share your tale of victory or defeat in the comment section below!