Escape Room Objectives and Goals

Escape Room Objectives and Goals

Escape Room Objectives and Goals

When you enter an escape room, your eyes are usually closed so you wouldn’t know where you came from. This trick helps to get you immediately lost in the new world: the decorations look entirely different from the lobby and the lounge zone (if there is one), so you feel that the adventure has properly begun. Time to check the escape room objectives! You didn’t forget to remember these bits of information, hopefully! After all, they define whether you beat the escape quest or run out of time trying.

You may find it surprising, but many players enter escape rooms thinking that they only need to open the door and get out. This may lead to confusing situations, as there’s always an unlocked door right from the start of the challenge. If one of the players didn’t bother to listen to escape room goals explanations at the briefing, there’s a perfectly good chance that they will open that (forbidden) door and proclaim that they won the game!

This statue is not a simple decorative element. It hides something valuable; maybe even the artifact you need!

Most Common Escape Room Objectives

There are many genres of escape rooms, and the style often defines the grand objectives. Depending on the setting, story and the entourage, creators can produce many types of escape quest goals:

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