What Is The Regular Price Of Setting Up An Escape Room

Escape rooms seem to be among the most profitable ways to get into entertainment business. Sometimes it requires some great puzzle design, sometimes you just need a good setting, but if the room is done all right, it won’t take much time till you begin to see real profits.

What does it take to create a fun escape room, what are the costs and how much to charge for a visit? Let’s search for the answers on the most typical questions for beginner.

What Do I Need To Design An Escape Room?

To get into the business, you are to be burning with passion, as the competition is very high, and every average detail can potentially drag you down. Remember that escape rooms aren’t about regular or okay experience. You are to offer something special.

If you’re totally sure that’s your thing, here’s the starter pack:

  • The room. Apartments won’t do, as you have to rent a place people will pass by regularly. While not so many players go to escape rooms on a whim, it’s nice to be located somewhere near the areas people visit on the regular base. Just so that searching for your office wouldn’t become the main quest, you know.
  • Scenario. Don’t make things too complicated as the players are always more interested in actions than in monologues. Instead, try to construct your story to feel like it’s progressing when the guests solve the main riddles. The theme doesn’t matter: any setting can be blended perfectly with an escape room.
  • Equipment. The puzzles are almost always physical, and while you don’t have to install high-tech lasers in your very first room, there are certain things like cipher locks you’ll have to buy. Don’t go for the new stuff. Old things have their own aura, so it will be a good idea to check out local garage sales. Unless you’re making a sci-fi room, that is.

What Are The Costs?

The first escape room cost lies heavily on what you’ve decided to put your money in. Here are some tips on how to start without investing everything you have in one product:

  • Write the story yourself. It’s not like it needs to be big anyway. You’ll pay the best writers later, when you get big, and there’s really no reason to give your money to the average ones. Even if they charge cheaper and offer a discount.
  • Find the perfect space for rent. It might take up time, but you mustn’t risk with putting the money into expensive spaces. People don’t know you yet, and if the idea won’t work out, the losses will be great.
  • Do not buy rights on using franchises. Just don’t. Master the basics first, or the license costs will drag you down.

After cutting down on everything possible, it comes to $2000 – $7000 for getting into business. The costs are higher for big cities like New York or LA, but the profits roll in faster there, too.

Players are solving a puzzle in an escape room.

How Much Do I Charge?

Check out the prices at your local escape room studios. Your offer shouldn’t be too expensive, as nobody will come. But don’t go for a cheap deal, too: this makes the customers confused, as the people might assume your adventure isn’t very good.

The average ticket price in USA is between $25 and $40. After counting your monthly costs to sustain the room, select the number that suits you best, but do not be afraid to drop 5 bucks down if people don’t seem to buy your $35 tickets. 
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