Team Building in an Escape Room

As the content creators, we may say that building an escape room is quite a challenge by itself. When creating a place, you need to think about many things at once. Will this game be entertaining? Will the players love the plot and decorations? Will they understand the puzzles and won’t the riddles be too easy for them? It takes a lot of effort and testing, but after it’s done, it can work for years.

In a way, building escape games is similar to building efficient teams. Except that dealing with real people is more complicated than setting up machines and hiding the keys around the place. That is why we offer you an instrument to make the process easier. We found that room escape team building is more efficient than most of the old school exercises. And the best part is that the result of creating mutual trust never vanishes away; instead, it is cemented by daily activities and teamwork.

Building a Team in an Escape Room

Of course, team building in a locked room is nothing new. Technically that’s what we can call the old methods which required performing weird trust-building group actions in an empty conference hall or any other room that was not used at the moment. Most of the people don’t like these type of exercises; they know that their time is wasted and the only reason they agree to play the game is the fact that they don’t have another choice.

Several coworkers figured out the right way to solve the puzzle on the team building event.

Escape room team building is different. While the coworkers still gather in a highly unrealistic location with many rules and limitations, they are not bound by an instructor who tells everyone what to do. Instead, they participate in a thrilling game, and their goal is to solve all the puzzles together, to make it out in time. How do they achieve this result? That is up to them to decide.

Panic room team building is useful on many levels. First of all, it is perfect for training people in solving non-trivial tasks and deal with extreme situations. In real life, there are no established rules, and not everything can be achieved by blindly following the guidelines. Escape game team building doesn’t teach people the behavior patterns they need for success; they provide safe space for the natural growth of the said patterns.

Another critical factor is that everybody gets a chance to shine, regardless of personal conflicts and backgrounds. Game is the best tool for learning something new, as it provides an opportunity to look at the complicated world around you and everything in it with the eyes of a child.

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