Escape room Themes

Escape room Themes

Escape room Themes

If you’ve never been to an escape room before and currently, plan to take part in a live-action escape quest, take your time to choose the right theme. The times when escape rooms had no ideas at all and provided only sets of challenges for the escapees are long gone. Now you can get the wildest variety of escape room themes without ever leaving Seattle!

You may think that the essential part of an escape quest is its puzzles. And that is right, to a point: many escapee teams that play regularly take pride in solving problems faster than the others and making new records in challenging quest rooms. But if you’re entering a cinematographic escape room, then the immersive story, decorations, and professional live actors will be just as significant part of your experience as the riddles, hints, and clues. Picking a theme, you’re choosing a story in that you’ll become the main hero. Think carefully!

Available Escape Room Themes

Thanks to the popularity of live-action quests, today you can find a quest room on any topic. Here is the list of escape room themes that are in the most demand throughout the country:

Once you find yourself in the laboratory of the mad scientist, it will be hard to return to the surface. Progress the quest and defeat the evil genius before he destroys everything!

What is your favorite escape quest theme? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!