Escape room Weekend

Escape room Weekend

Escape room Weekend

If you don’t know what to do with an upcoming weekend, then how about testing your brains in a real-life escape quest? You can enter with your date, call your friend or gather a team of buddies and relatives and show all the other competitors how it must be done! Pick any adventure you prefer, and get ready for an extremely intellectual action!

Escape Quests on Weekend

Nobody ever gets tired of escape rooms, except maybe the times when a team becomes too passionate and tries to do several quests in a row. If you get tired easily throughout the week, then it’s understandable that you’d prefer not to squeeze puzzle quests into your work or study schedule, and prefer to plan an escape room weekend instead.

The treasure chest contains something valuable. But can you pry it open and pick inside?

Quests are great for relaxing after a long week and get rid of all the pressure, and that is why:

Don’t have time to visit live action escape quests? Got sick or don’t want to go out? Well, there are thousands of free escape room video games online. You may even find websites devoted to flash escape quests, so practice for free as much as you like!