Long Escape Rooms with Multiple Rooms

Imagine yourself in one of our escape rooms. You are searching for the hints and keys, solving complicated puzzles, convincing the characters of the story to give you the essential item you desperately need: everything to open that big door right in the middle of the wall. And once you’re done, you get the final key and use it… only to discover that the door leads not to exit, but another quest room!

This unfortunate set of events means you’ve entered an escape room with multiple rooms. Additional areas help to spice things up and add much more elements to the story. The spaces may look completely different, though they’ll still be a part of the same setting. Technically, it’s two, three and even more escape rooms – and they’re priced like one! Remember not to get distracted if you’re not sure about the layout of the place: if the room looks too small and simple, maybe that’s because you are just in the entrance part of the quest.

How Many Rooms Can Be in a Single Escape Room

It depends on the desires of the creators. Usually, the number of escape room rooms is not higher than three, and at least one of them will be extremely small. Imagine you found yourself in a tiny room, and the small size is not part of the setting (for example, you are not locked in a cell, or kept as a hostage aboard the pirate ship, or trying to make it out of a buried coffin). Then it is essential to solve all the puzzles in this room as quickly as possible. Do not get distracted by decorations or objects in piles: they are there for filling properties only, and if they happen to contain important clues or hints, it won’t take you more than five minutes (that’s the maximum) to look through them and find whatever you need.

Many creators opt not to insert tiny rooms if they don’t have a place for three equally large halls and settle on two separate spaces instead, sometimes leaving a decorated hallway with up to 2-3 puzzles to make your transfer more exciting. There are also quests that feature up to 5-6 escape room rooms: these usually have a longer time limit and are presented as powerful team building tools.

The escape room contains several separate areas. Solve the puzzles to get to the new place and finish the quest.

How Long Is an Escape Quest with Multiple Rooms

There are several standard options for escape room longevity:

  • 40-45 minutes. Given that you’ll spend about 10-15 minutes on the briefing, giving away your things and preparing to enter, the whole visit will take precisely an hour.
  • A single hour. You’re given 60 minutes to escape, that’s enough for most long escape quests.
  • 80 minutes and more. Sometimes the design is so complicated that the creators offer additional time to solve all the puzzles.

Have you ever been to an escape quest with multiple rooms? Share your experience with us! And don’t forget to visit Quest Factor: we’ve got remarkable real-life quest rooms in Seattle!